Thoughts on Blood Ties (TV | 2007)


Plot: While trying to solve a complicated murder case, Toronto private investigator Vicki Nelson encounters dashing Henry Fitzroy, who looks to be in his 20s but claims to be a 450-year-old vampire. Vicki isn’t sure she buys Henry’s story, but since he seems to have insight into her case, she teams up with him. Their relationship becomes even more complex, however, when Vicki’s former police partner and ex-lover, Mike, takes an instant dislike to Henry.


Ah. Blood Ties. I spent a week watching this show while getting some things done and it was a roller-coaster of emotions. A mixture of ‘man, this show is stupid‘ and laughing at the terrible special effects. And also at one of the character’s choice of bedroom attire. Red kimonos will never be sexy or even acceptable. Blue, maybe. But red? Nope. Goodbye. You don’t exist to me. They automatically remind me of cheesy dance moves, cheap cologne and stripper music. I tried to find a picture on Google but I’m assuming that someone up there is saving me from myself.

Seriously. Ew.

Anyway, I was shocked and slightly horrified to realise that Blood Ties was on way back in 2007. I remember dismissing the show on grounds of cheesiness and vampires. Moonlight was also deemed inferior to my superior watching habits. Considering that I was watching Supernatural at the time, my snobbish ways were hypocritical. So, I’d like to apologise to the TV police for prematurely judging a show. It was wrong of me and I accept that. Forgive me.

It’s funny because, the reasons why I dismissed it back then are the reasons why I love it now. Or like it. I don’t know. It’s hard to tell how I feel about a show when watching it all at once. Typically, I can tell after a few minutes. However, this show was really background noise as I was doing stuff so I don’t know. I will probably re-watch the series at some point.

Mostly because Henry was very, very pretty for a 450-year-old and I like watching pretty things.



Although, I did sometimes question if he was trying to burn my eyes with his fashion choices.


I do have an actual opinion on the show, though, because somewhere along the way, I did start paying attention. Partly because I warmed up to the characters and mostly because this show seriously has some of the worst special effects I have ever seen in my life. Every monster just had me cracking up. The series finale featured a possession and they used an echo sound effect to differentiate the demon’s voice from the rest of the characters. I was in tears.

The plot is also rather tenuous. At the start of the show, the main character Vicki processes the fact that Henry is a vampire within two minutes and is happy to be skipping around Monsterville, to the point where it became a running bit where Henry would say ‘Wait for me to get there!’, she would ignore him and he would have to save her (but only after almost dying!).

There was also a love triangle. Yay. I was kind of surprised to find that there was no obvious contender for who the likely winner would be (LIES, IT WAS CLEARLY HENRY!). Vicki has an on/off thing with Mike, who’s the cop that she helps out from time to time (and also her ex) and she also gives Henry her blood, so yeah. That becomes a thing. This love triangle wasn’t necessarily that bad apart from the fact that it didn’t go anywhere for any . Seriously, the only thing worse than a long, drawn out ‘will they, won’t they?’ is an unresolved ‘will they, won’t they?’. The show went a step further and the final episode has the love trio at odds with each other. Despite the somewhat heartbreaking ending, it was probably the more realistic scenario. BUT STILL. I’m not made of stone. I do like happy endings.

Anyway, I recommend the show if anyone ever wants something short and relatively decent to consume over a weekend or whenever. 🙂


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