Supernatural: 15×20, The End




Carry On

[Insert something witty]

Please Don’t


One-Line Review: A relatively lacklustre episode up until the twenty minute mark (when I had a noststalgia-induced meltdown) yet somehow, it was a fitting (but predictable) end to the show.

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Supernatural: 15×19, Wow! Really? Great!




Inherit The Earth

[Insert something witty]

Inherit The E-xposition And Talk Us Into Boredom-arth.

Why am I doing this?: Well. Before 2020 went to shit, I said I would. And also because I was always going to watch the end. Just to make sure it’s really over.

I haven’t seen Supernatural for five years. The last episode I watched was The Hunter Games.

Not a single episode since, and honestly? Before watching this episode, I thought I was going to throw up. I was sweating. SWEATING! I’m not sure if it’s just because the show is over and I’m like, ha, this show was actually a huge part of my life once upon a time or I’m just naturally repulsed by the show. Or the heat from my laptop.

Probably the latter.

Hey, maybe the sock I ate is doing a victory dance in the deepest depths of my stomach. I’ll let you know.

Anyway, onto the recap.

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Season 15

In honour of the last season, I will be watching and recapping the last two episodes of Supernatural.

I was there at the start, figured that I’d come through at the end.


Anyway, the last episode I watched was 10×10, so if anyone would like to recap the past four seasons in 2-3 sentences I’d be grateful.

Did Sam finally change his conditioner? Did Dean stop eating gravel for breakfast? Is Castiel dead? Is Bobby still being annoying from the grave? Is Mary dead again? Who is the heck is Jack and why should I care (also, is he still alive?) Is Jessica coming back? What happened to Wayward Sisters? Is Kripke writing the last episode (not that I would if I was him)?

All of those questions are rhetorical because I don’t care, but yes. I suppose I’ll touch base with you all in May (or whenever it ends).

eight years

Apparently, my blog turned eight on 6th December. That’s a long ass time, but in fairness, I haven’t watched the show for three of those years. I was going to watch season 15. Specifically the last episode, but I’m wavering. I saw a bunch of tweets about Christian Kane being on the show and there’s something about him that irks me. I think I was blinded by the hair before, but yeah…

What do you say, snarklings, do I do one last snarkview?

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stupid and senseless: jensen ackles’ big dumb friend

Following on from Drunk & Disorderlecki, the silence was lifted. Drafted in first was Jensen Ackles, who I personally think is as idiotic as Jared.

He just hides it better.

I saw that he has an album coming out and I’d much rather listen to an asthmatic cow screaming into a fan.

I wasn’t going to post about the responses until I foolishly clicked on an article on the way home on Monday.

At the DC Con last weekend, Jensen offered these supportive words:

“There’s a lot of love. I’m going to tell Jared to stay home more often…I’m kidding. We all miss my big, dumb friend*. And I’ll just say it now, he had a bad weekend last weekend. He’s dealing with what he’s got to deal with so just send him support and love and have a good weekend this weekend.”

*Big, drunk, violently dumb friend.

I mean, if a regular bad weekend to Jensen is a large sized man assaulting three people, who am I to judge? I’d say Jared had a catastrophically dismal and failure of a weekend, but maybe that’s the best way Jensen can articulate himself.

Why do I need to send him support and love, though?

Naturally, there was more.

“When he showed up on set, because he had a couple days off last week — which turned out to be a good thing — but when he showed up on Wednesday, I brought him in in handcuffs. So we’re having fun, we’re having fun with it. The crew really wanted to wear orange jumpsuits. But we couldn’t get them in time. So it wasn’t like we thought it was a bad idea. We certainly were going to roll with it.”

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