Bad Moviethon #22 – Men In Black: International


…in which I examine if bad movies really deserve their woeful rotten tomatoes score

Rotten Score: 22%


The Men in Black have expanded to cover the globe but so have the villains of the universe. To keep everyone safe, decorated Agent H and determined rookie M join forces — an unlikely pairing that just might work. When aliens that can take the form of any human arrive on Earth, H and M embark on a globe-trotting adventure to save the agency — and ultimately the world — from their mischievous plans.

I really don’t know what to say except they could and should have kept this movie to themselves.

Twas a FLOP.


I’ll even acronym/synonym this ish.




It was not funny in any shape or form. I’m Team Hemsworth, but his performance here was very dry. He’s not a comedic actor. In the hands of a good director he can be funny, but this whole wave he’s been riding since Ghostbusters needs to be tinkered with a little.

The plot was fairly basic.

I can’t even remember what it was. I was automatically neuralyzed after it ended.

It was along the lines of….

Aliens trying to invade Earth. Blah, blah, blah. An alien dies. There’s a spy, blah, blah…

There wasn’t much to see here.

I wouldn’t recommend it.

I heard that Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thomson hired their own dialogue writers because the script became confusing.

That makes sense. Why not clarify things by adding two more people into the mix?

They needn’t have bothered.

I didn’t laugh once.

In fact, I was hoping Liam Neeson would break character, go to town Taken style and then sit his ass down somewhere because he’s still cancelled.

All of this really makes it clear that we didn’t need a MIB reboot. If there’s no Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones, there doesn’t need to be a movie.

Rating: 3/10.

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