8×01 preview!

I think the episode’s called We Need To Talk About Kevin. Which is funny because, the last thing I want to do is remember Kevin’s existence.

Also Dean has some new buddy called Benny. They’ve already got a shipper name! Denny. I guess it’s less ridiculous than Wincest (Samean and Dam just doesn’t cut it). I am looking forward to the hate that this character will no doubt receive from Supernatural’s humble, loyal and sensible fans. Does that make me a bad person?

Sadly, nothing about what I’ve heard makes it sound appealing enough to bump it up to the top of my watch-list so…I’ll probably not get around to it before Friday.

And for fuck’s sake, Sam’s hair looks ridiculous.

Fun fact: I have almost 100 posts on here. I have no idea how this happened. What the hell have I been writing on here?



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