Supernatural 10.01 – “Black” remix

And we’re back with a new remix for a new season!

1001dean1 Wooo! Yeah, back in black, baby! Sing along!
1001dean1 What do you mean?
1001dean3 *looks up* Son of a… who took the first two words of our episode title?
1001dean2 Rargh… DEANMON SMASH!
1001sam1 Yes! Scenes! I’m going to act the HELL out of this!
1001dean2 *bop*
1001sam2 Nooo… I’m unconscious! How can I act now?
1001dean2 Sammy fix title, then DEANMON give Sammy screentime.
1001sam2 I didn’t mess with the title, bro!
1001dean2 Grrrr… DEANMON continue searching!
1001sam2 *sigh* *remains unconscious*
918castiel1 Hello?
1001dean2 DEANMON smash pretty angel if not give back title!
918castiel1 Uh…
1001castiel *cough cough* I’m way too sick to mess with the title or take any screentime from you!
1001dean2 OK! DEANMON hang up now! *hangs up*
410anna Hey, Cas! Ready for our scene?
1001castiel Anna? I thought you were dead.
1001hanna No I’m HANNA, with an H. A completely different female angel ally.
1001castiel Oh right. I think we best sit this one out.
1001dean3 Who are you?
1001dude1 I… …am the one… WHO STOLE THE TITLE!
1001dean2 DEANMON smash!
1001dude1 And that’s not all. I’m also going to knock out Sam with this feather and take over his scenes too!
1001dean2 DEANMON did that already!
1001dude2 What? Oh c’mon! Benny got his scenes in 8. Gadreel stole in 9. It was my turn, man!
1001dean2 DEANMON don’t care!
1001dude1 The producers will hear of this!
1001crowley1 Whoa now, no need to involve them.
1001crowley1 Hey boy. *whistle* I got a pie for you. It’s your favorite…
1001dean2 DEANMON like pie!
1001crowley1 I know you do.
1001dean3 Why haven’t I killed you yet?
1001crowley1 Because… PIE!
1001dean1 omnomnomnom
1001crowley1 Quick, while he’s distracted! Take your boytoy and run.
1001dude2 C’mon, Sam. Let’s go set up next week’s episode. The plans I’ve got for you…
1001crowley2 Huh. Seems like not a lot’s happened in thi–

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9 thoughts on “Supernatural 10.01 – “Black” remix

  1. Strange, I like how your blog has formatted the table vs mine. I may have to swipe your theme if I can’t get this feature to work on my newly selected one. (p.S. you see the new header image I put up? :D)


        1. Ah! I see it! Winchester & Winchester! Is it meant to be a mock political campaign poster? :] Working towards a successful campaign in which they continually find themselves in situations where they have work to do because they had work to do which led to more work to do? :]


          1. I found it at a con and laughed.

            I’m thinking about running for office too on the “I’m going to destroy everyone” platform. “seNATE ’14, because then it can’t get any worse” XD

            I have a whole routine in mind.


            1. LOL. It’s definitely amusing. I assume that Sam would be vice, purely because no one can determine if he’ll be awake at any given time.

              Haha @ ‘seNate’! If you used SPN as part of your campaign material, you’d probably be a shoe-in 😉



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