So, I had an interesting dream recently…

Sup, snarklings!


A friend of mine told me that my favourite person, Jared Padalecki, is refusing to take off his beanie at $upernatural convention$ now. Apparently, his reasoning was:


Okay, it wasn’t but it might have well as been! If people are paying thousands of dollars to see you, would it really kill you to take off a sweaty beanie for an hour? Seriously. The actual reason – ‘I’m comfortable with this thing on my head, and this is who I am so deal with it‘ – is…well, it’s bullshit. The only people that give a fuck are the people paying thousands of dollars to see you.

Just once I’d like a fan to clap back with some shit like, ‘I worked seven jobs and sold my priceless unicorn collection to be able to afford this con and you can’t take your fucking hat off? Who the fuck do you think you are?!’ but they’re too busy raising money for the next proverbial fuck you that Jared decides to serve up. Oh well.

Speaking of conventions. And Jared (sigh…)…

I had this odd dream that I paid $8 to go to this…Jared convention type thing. Somehow everyone travelled via a bus (even Jared, so if I didn’t know it was a dream before, I definitely did after the bus ride – we all know that he’s too good to ride on a bus with peasants!). The driver let people on without tickets for the sit-with-Jared-in-a-room con so long as they paid the fee, because you know, dream world.

Apart from Misha (clearly my subconscious was just fucking with me on this particular day because Misha Collins has no damn place in my head or dreams or anywhere near me. EW), it was just Jared in a room. I kept seeing posters advertising events but it was just a bunch of tables in a room. And all he did was leave the room and come back. So maybe I was missing some shit that wasn’t included with the eight dollar package. At one point he took off his jacket but…there was another jacket underneath. It was all very exciting.

And weird. 

Anyway, when I got there a bunch of my friends were there and some other people. Jared was sitting in a corner at end of the room. People were just sitting at tables and not doing anything. A friend of mine and I were in our own spot sort of laughing and joking about all of the dumb shit he says, and somehow Jared got wind of it. In hindsight, it was probably a little short-sighted to kind of sit there and talk smack about someone who’s in earshot, but…hey. lol. Our bad.

Naturally, they tried to throw us out but I told my friend that we should just write some bullshit apologies so that our eight dollars wouldn’t go to waste (overpaid CW man baby or not, money is money and I was going to get my eight dollars worth). So we wrote the notes or tweets, whatever it was. Mine was generic and probably insincere. I had no idea what my friend wrote until Jared was addressing everyone. He said all of this foul shit about us followed by, “Don’t worry, that [my name] person and the other one have gone.”

I stepped forward and I said, “Uh, no, boo-boo – actually, I’m still here.”


I wish I’d gone a step further and uttered ‘and keep my name out of your mouth’ but it’s cool. I said some stuff about how my friend and I would never treat anyone badly and that at least we apologized.

He replied with, “She [my friend] wrote in her note that she wasn’t sorry and meant every word.”



WHOOPS. And because I have the worst luck, my friend had bounced at that point. So I was standing there thinking, ‘You got tooooooooooooooold‘, but I was so shocked that I couldn’t say anything. And even though I was terribly amused at this point, I just kept quiet. He looked so upset and also had a potentially volatile group of fans listening on, so I eventually said, “Yeah, well…allow me to speak for myself then…” and only God knows what I said but MY ASS WAS STILL THERE.



After that, my friend and I communicated somehow and she said that she would never apologize to someone who had spoken ill of someone’s death. I agreed and I went up to Jared and I told him,

“I think maybe you need to understand that the way you felt when we were talking about you is how you make others feel, and that at this point, you need to take ownership of what you’ve said and apologize, otherwise people will keep mocking you.”

But he didn’t get that. It was so awkward because I was just explaining it all and he was staring at me like I was speaking Japanese. I think death by some serious beanie laser eyes was potentially on the horizon. I was undeterred, though and did my best to activate the Nostril Flare turbo mode.

It was probably the realest moment of the dream, ‘cept in RL, he’d probably burst into tears and write a long winded Facebook post about how I hurt his feelings. We all know that hurting Jared Padalecki’s feelings is wrong and that he’s too special for anyone to have an opinion about him that isn’t ‘OMG!!! YOU’RE AWESOME!!!’ Oh and that he’s a superhero in a beanie.


Thankfully, somehow all of that faded away. Next I was at home and the Impala (the car from Supernatural) pulled up by window, with Jared in the driver’s seat and I was kind of like, ‘FUCK, PADAPOCALYPSE IS NEAR!’ Or, hey, he’s come to yell at me some more! However, they were there for something else because they went away not long after.

Overall the dream made little sense but the part with the notes had me cracking the fuck up mid-dream. I woke up at one point and I was honestly just like, “No, this is too good!!” and went back to sleep. I have no idea who my ‘friend’ was, but that shade served up with her note was too good.

I’m not too sure what triggered the dream. Probably a combination of me seeing a screencap of one of his tweets on my phone when I was trying to free up space and this post.

Either way, I would prefer my dreams to be Jared Padalecki (and Misha Collins) free from now on. PLEASE.


12 thoughts on “So, I had an interesting dream recently…

  1. The only people that give a fuck are the people paying thousands of dollars to see you.

    Yep, exactly. I also hate when he almost tries to use blackmail, with the whole “if you want to love Jared & want him to love you back, you have to love the beanie” thing. Does he think the fans will all go “OMG if I ask him to take it off, he’ll haaaaaate me!!” Okay, so maybe it’s not blackmail but it’s still ridiculous. I wouldn’t doubt that the overly concerned fans are now going to try and get #welovethebeanie or #respectthebeanie or some other such nonsense trending. smh

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just said to my friend that ‘most people would say something simple like a bad hair day, whereas Jared claims that the beanie is healing him from within’. Yeah, that made me raise an eyebrow. Like, these people don’t even know you, so what difference does your bullshit ‘love’ make? It’s emotional manipulation with a dose of sympathy seeking. That’s what he wants. For every choice in his life to be validated by others just so that he can be enough for himself or whatever. It’s childish and self-serving. He’s sending out a really bizarre message, though, that everything in life is about how comfortable someone is and that everyone else is responsible for what anxiety he feels. And the solution is for people to just not have an opinion or comment on anything he that does. The funny thing is that he obviously wears them for a reason that isn’t ‘I am enooooooughhhhhh!’…trying to equate it to his inner feelings is classic attention seeking, though. Which he loves. And those that love Jared will love it too. snort

      Oh, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did #respectthebeanie….hopefully someone would counter with #respectoureyes.


      1. Maybe he’s going bald? xD
        This cracked me up. Is he seriously this stupid? Heal from within? WTF?!
        Why is he so needy? One would think his money, family, fans and whatever friends would be enough validation.

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        1. LOL. Welp. Perhaps! I don’t even know. I just thought the whole ‘If you want Jared to love you, then you have to love the beanie’ thing was really….weird. And not only because he’s now referring to himself in third person, lol. It’s just obnoxious at this point.

          Hold up!! We’re not allowed to think that his fans, money, friends and celebrity status bring him any special favors!! He’s just a human being! 😛

          But yes, I find it interesting that he always seems to want more from people, despite how much validation they give him already. It clearly doesn’t help the way he needs it to.


          1. He probably is going bald.

            However, I’m really starting to think that he has some real mental issues. He’d be better off during the next hiatus if he checked himself into a clinic and had some intensive therapy instead of going to conventions to bask in the adoration of a bunch of fans.


            1. Tsk! And miss out on all of the monies? Jared would never! Well, unless it suits him of course.

              Either way, I think there needs to be a professional line drawn under all of this. Emotionally blackmailing fans to be nice to him is bizarre and inappropriate. Not only that, there are young, naive people out there claiming that his magic is working wonders on them! All I see is the blind leading the blind. They should stick to talking about show related stuff/whatever the hell he does with his life and leave the inner beauty and mental health discussions to the professionals.


              1. You can tell he’s deeply troubled just by his eyes alone. Have you ever looked at his pics? Or those solo vids he does (What is up with making out with the camera anyway? It makes him come off super cringey/needy)? One pic in particular scared me. He looked positively deranged. Lol. Jensen looked normal and chill. I think it was related to the new season, behind the scenes type pic. He seems so damaged and lonely. I guess his friends/family aren’t enough for him. Then again, I heard a rumor he only got married since Jensen did (I don’t know if it’s me but Jared’s wife always looks worn out, in comparison to him. I can just imagine all the crap she has to put up with. Also, with his tendency towards emotional blackmail, I pity his kids in the future). Or was it the other way around? Lol. I don’t follow this fandom alot but love this blog. I’m am anxiou sly waiting for Jared’s next screw up. But the fans, they’re too much. I wonder why this show attracts so many unstable people. :/


                1. I have a post coming up about why fandom attracts certain kinds of people. It’s definitely an interesting topic. As for Jared, it could be that he got married because Jensen was, I’m not sure. IIRC, they got engaged around the same time, but Jared got married three months before Jensen did. Who even knows with these people. I’m over all of their combined weird shenanigans now. I’ll wait for the tell-all book 🙂

                  You mean his Facebook Live stuff? There’s some camera make out going on?? Eww. Thankfully I avoid it. Too much second hand embarrassment. It’s a shame that Jared is troubled and I just hope he gets over it all in the long run. As for his wife, I don’t know what’s up with her. I know what you mean, though. There’s something off. All I can say is good luck to them both!


                  1. I saw that. I’m afraid I may have repeated myself a little. Lol.
                    I think fandom got worse with social media. There’s no sense or filter anymore. It was easier when all we had was LiveJournal and I don’t remember Buffy attracting so much crazy. The same goes for other supernatural-themed fandoms. It’s funny since Supernatural did rip alot of stuff off. On the other hand, it’s so annoying when you look up myth/folklore/esoteric related stuff, only to see it swarmed by fangirls. They love to cry Supernatural or how this makes them proud to be Supernatural fans.

                    Oddly enough, the male fans I run across seem completely sane and normal.
                    I don’t know about facebook but the Jared videos I saw were on YouTube. Why do I feel like he’s the type of guy who doesn’t know boundaries which involves oversharing and awkward touching? :/

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                    1. Social media definitely had an effect. The fandom went downhill shortly after Misha got really popular on Twitter. People just think they can do and say what they like because ‘OMG SPN FAMILY!’. It’s ridiculous. Lol, yup SPN ripped stuff off but never say that to a fan! They think the newer shows rip SPN off…smh.

                      Lol, screaming fangirls are the bane of everyone’s existence. I think it is a crazy peer pressure thing where the aim is to be seen as the most dedicated fans. At least in my day it was. In the end, it became tiring for me but fangirls are relentless.

                      Ah, I guess someone uploads them there. Lol, he probably is! But if someone does the same to him, everyone will hear about it. There’s something about the show that either turns these people into iffy characters or just attracts dodgy people. Only God knows what it is.


              1. On one hand, I don’t get why fans do that. Do they realistically think it is healthy to unload on someone like that? On the other hand, I don’t think Jared and his team were smart in how they approached their campaign. From the start, they should have made it clear that Jared isn’t at all qualified to help anyone and thus, people should be….how can I put it….maybe use their discretion? Especially given that he also has depression. I have anxiety and I can barely stand to read, let alone hear, about other people’s. In short, sharing isn’t always caring.



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