After a two year hiatus…

…I made a Supernatural video. It’s season 2, so I’m totally not lame for spending hours on it, even though it’ll most likely be watched by about five people before disappearing into a YouTube black hole. According to YouTube I’ve made over 100 of these things. However I’ve had my account since 2006, so I guess I will give myself the benefit of the doubt LOL.





  1. Ah, season 2. Cue the theme from “All in the Family” because those were the days! Now I find myself rewriting that theme song about SPN oh no lol!


    1. LOL, don’t do it!! Season 2 is my all time favorite season. Everything was so much better. Jensen could act. I could at least pretend that Jared was improving. The storyline was good, hell, it made sense. I still can’t bring myself to rewatch it though. Watching a normal-looking Jared is just too much for me hahaha


        1. I know!!! Jared was so adorable in season 2. Jensen sounded so alien to me when I clicked onto the episodes. God only knows what damage he’s done to his vocal chords!

          Time isn’t kind to everybody LOL. That’s the only explanation I have!


  2. I don’t know why some actors seem to wake up one day with the sudden need to growl every line of dialogue. It’s unattractive and annoying. They’re probably increasing their risk of throat cancer.
    I remember thinking Jared’s acting was alright back when I watched season 2 initially but if I watched it now I fear I may find him laughable and precede to yell at my 15 year old self. They were both much better then compared to the last 5-6 years.
    In all seriousness, I’m beginning to wonder what drugs the two of them are on? I’m hopelessly naive and don’t pry into celebrities (or CW actors) lives by stalking them online or whatever but I’m seriously wondering what the fuck they’re on.
    I am in no place to judge when or comes to making the videos because back on 06-07 if I’d had the means I would have made tons of them set to mopey emo songs or whatever shitty song they’d used that week. And now if I had the means I’d probably be making videos of Doctor Who (or basically anything else with Tennant) set to Killers songs. At least I realize how hopelessly dorky that is.


    1. If I watched Doctor Who, I’d totally make a video for you 🙂

      I don’t know. Maybe it is some kind of masculine type thing? Like a hard drinking man’s man would have a really rough voice or something. It’s quite bizarre. I think both of them have regressed acting wise. Jensen, since about season 4 and Jared reverts back to his usual cringe worthy acting whenever he’s playing human!Sam.

      I know a little bit about their lives because I’m nosy and the two of them are very weird. I feel like Jared basically drinks a lot, and I’ve heard that Jensen does too, but I obviously don’t know for sure but…lol, clearly they’re not quite with it anymore. I feel like Jared got extra douchey after he got married but that’s just my own opinion. 🙂 I’m trying to keep away from all of that gossip nowadays.


      1. I think if I had the software I’d eventually end up making videos mocking SPN and begin to hate myself for wasting that much time mocking them lol. I’d make some sort of crying montage set to “Everybody Hurts”, real smart-ass stuff like that. The fans would probably see it as a tribute lol.
        They speak as if they could only bark like dogs until they recently learned English by accident. That’s not masculine, that shows signs they’re into bestiality our something.
        I don’t think they’re weird, we’re weird lol. They’re douchey and delusional.


        1. Lol that’s true. That’s why I quit vidding for the most part. I was going to do a Bye Bye Bye vid haha. An Everybody Hurts type of video sounds hilarious though lmao. Bahahaha.

          It is ridiculous. I don’t buy their excuse that the producers make them do the voices either. A good enough actor would find a way around it surely…

          Haha well, weird trumps douchey and delusional any day! 😛



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