Happy New Year!


Like watching the show, which I’ll probably get back to in a couple of weeks. I’ll also do a post over the weekend with the results from my ‘awards’ polls. I wonder which one Jensen will win…hmm.

In the meantime, here’s an old clip from the critically acclaimed (or not lol) reality TV show that showcased the life of Nick Carter and his siblings because nothing screams resolving your issues like moving into a modern day fishbowl so everyone else can see into your life. Is it bad that I kind of like the beat that Aaron was jamming to at the start of the clip?



  1. Supernatural has been renewed for Season 11!

    I predict:

    1. Recycles of already recycled storylines.

    2. Deannuts whining about the unfairness of Jensen being forced to stifle his vast talent for another year. He deserves to be a movie star! Marvel wants him to play the lead in a blockbuster! Yes, they do! Jensen signed on for another year of SPN out of the goodness of his heart because he didn’t want to crew to be unemployed! Not because he’s realistic about his career prospects and he wants to ride the gravy train as long as possible. He’s a saint!

    3. More boring angel crap that no one cares about.

    5. Destiers first getting hopeful that this will finally be the year that Cas and Dean kiss, then having meltdowns when Cas and Dean bang more women, complete with extra accusations of ‘homophobia’ and ‘queerbaiting’.

    6. More episodes featuring poorly written guest stars that are obviously backdoor pilots.

    7. Jared’s hair will look terrible in a new way.


      1. LOL, I coined the term ‘Yodasen’ for Jensen back when a me and a friend would deliberately spam Jared’s mentions and just mock them to pass time. Back then we surmised that he was the ‘smart, level-headed’ one. Oh, how wrong we were. I think an eerily, smooth, unmoving face will go well with his annoying, rough, tone-deaf, gravelly voice.

        9. We’ll probably still watching because of some unknown, inexplicable reason!! I resolve not to watch each season, renege on that and regret it deeply. And then I do it all again the next year. I think Supernatural’s cycle of BS is rubbing off on me.


    1. I left out #4.

      4. Sam will be wallpaper for most of the episodes. Seriously, why is Jared still on the show? They could prop up a cardboard cutout and save his salary.


      1. LOL, the irony of you leaving out the one about Sam is hilarious. 😛 He’s internet wallpaper now! He’s sticking around for the money and free air travel. I think the show would be infinitely better if at least one of them was replaced with a cardboard cutout hahahaha. Someone should pitch this idea to Pedowitz because he’s clearly snipped their budget in other areas.


    2. I’m about to do a post on this and I’m basically going to steal all of your points LOL. You’re absolutely right in all of them. They pretty much confirmed 11 before season 10 had even started so no real surprise. I wish all involved the best of luck, LOL. Kudos to Misha for basically stealing a living with his limited range of ‘acting’ for so long! And to Jared and Jensen for doing nothing of note for another year. What a bunch of heroes. Nawt.

      I’ve been cackling to myself for weeks over the fact that Marvel basically employs (by the way of ABC but eh, semantics) Chad Michael Murray (though I actually do like him) in one of their shows. Meanwhile, Jensen’s supposedly still in their Rolodex, continuously signing up for Shittynatural, doing auditions and pretending that he was ever in the running for some blockbuster that’s about to come out, all while keeping Marvel on their toes. LMAO. Deannuts, indeed.

      In Jared’s case, I’m waiting for him to tell us that he was up for the [insert movie that’s already been released] but it went to [insert actor] because of scheduling conflicts.


      1. Chad Michael Murray? That is some sweet irony.

        I just wish they’d admit they lucked onto a sweet gig instead of claiming that the show is preventing them from being movie stars.


        1. I think they do for the most part. Though with them, it probably isn’t genuine. I’ve long suspected that they make these claims around the time when contract renegotiations are coming up, but who knows!

          Is it worth watching any of the episodes from 5-onwards or can I just skip to the current episode? (If I can be bothered – though I do feel like a major snark session is due LOL.)


          1. Well if you’re interested in what Claire Novak’s been doing since S5, go ahead and watch, if not, no.

            I wonder if they’ve just re-upped for one year only.

            Actually, I hope Jared gets a real movie role after the show ends, while Jensen falls into obscurity, just so I can enjoy the exploding heads of the Deannuts.


            1. They’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel, aren’t they? I’ll probably just watch every other episode. Or every other three. Or none (yeah, right).

              Usually it’s two years that they sign up for, so season 12 is a possibility. I’m sure they’ll say they’re signed up for 12 at the next con. *snort*

              I would be for that, just to see how it badly it bombs. That along with the one year of ‘JENSEN DESERVES THIS OPPORTUNITY MORE!!!’ would be hilarious.



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