December is upon us!

And I haven’t done a recap or watched the show for about a month. Oh well. Apparently the show’s improved blah, blah, blah. People say this every year when the show starts off with five shitty episodes and then reaches such a particularly woeful level of shit that takes it takes another five episodes for them to realise that it didn’t get better, it was just slightly less shit than the REALLY SHITTY episode that preceded the ‘good’ episodes. I’ve got fandom’s number. And my armchair psychology diploma. I see everything.

Anyway, I might watch episode 6 at some point during this week. Or not. In the event that I have time to watch something that isn’t an episode of Happy Endings that I’ve seen a million times or Real Housewives, it’ll probably be Gotham (which I love!! Right now at least).

Awards season is also upon us and even though I hate awards season (with a passion only rivalled by my hate of British exports (read: musicians) becoming huge in America and then annoying the shit out of the rest of the world) I cannot let this time pass us by without some acknowledgement for the hot mess that we have witnessed this year.

So I present to you the Supernatural Snark (Half Baked/Ridiculous) Awards 2014!

If this wasn’t a 2014 specific poll all the options would just be ‘Jared Padalecki, season _.’ Because he’s never going to get his hair together. Ever. He’s doomed. For some reason Chrome wants me to change Padalecki to ‘Packsaddle’. Wikipedia tells me that a pack saddle is:

any device designed to be secured on the back of a horse, mule, or other working animal so it can carry heavy loads such as luggage, firewood, small cannons or other weapons too heavy to be carried by humans.

There’s a joke in there somewhere.

 Yeah, I put Dean in there twice on purpose. This is a biased poll and I don’t care who knows it. Of course the bias only works if people vote for both Deans. Or vote at all. I’m no good at this.

That’s all I can be bothered to come up with. Expect some made up ones when I come back to find zero votes and have to answer them all myself. SIGH. 😛

Has Jared done something stupid again? A quick look at my search terms for the last month shows me that more people are looking up ‘Jared Padalecki is an asshole’ and ending up here. This never fails to amuse me. Haha.


16 thoughts on “December is upon us!

  1. I hear ya. I see people commenting about how some of the episodes feel like the good old days, yay there is no Cas, no angels in these episodes, just the boys working a case, bla bla blah. But you nailed it: the episodes aren’t this good. They’re just slightly less shit than the other shit.

    LOL, I still chose Jared in that first poll… I just got this thing against him that I can’t erase, even though he seems to have been a bit more subdued on Twitter lately (with the exception of live tweeting one of the last episodes, but I didn’t pay attention to it). Jensen actually seems to be more active on Twitter at the moment, talking about some craft beers advent calendar he’s partaking of, or something like that… whatever… haha. Anyway kind of surprising that there are more hits for “Jared Padalecki is an asshole” with him being relatively quiet… but still it’s funny, haha

    For the worst hair, I was torn between season 9 and 10 Sam hair, because they’re both bad for different reasons. You’re right – he is doomed. I thus chose the Deanmon hair because hello… muffin-headed ridiculousness!

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    1. Haha, there’s no Cas and angels? That explains it. A little. It’s always hilarious to me that people still try to claim that the show could ever go back to its good old days. Like, let it go, people. It’s never going to happen.

      Lmao! I will cast my own vote in a second and probably vote for Jensen just because his ridiculousness has reached an all time high and I’m used to Jared at this point. My annoyance with him has simmered down slightly now that I don’t pay attention to anything pertaining to him unless it’s on ONTD. 😛

      WHAT! Say it isn’t so, Jared subdued on Twitter!! There must be something in the air. I Perhaps it’s too cold for him to come up with ‘witty’ things to say or something, haha. Why am I not surprised that Jensen is doing something alcohol related? 😉

      LOL. The search terms always crack me up. Yesterday there was ‘Castiel is dumb’. That he is! The jared being an asshole ones were an every day thing for a while but I didn’t care enough to look him up. Strange. Maybe there are some latecomers to Deucheville? 😀


  2. Misha just outdeuched Jared by a factor of 10 yesterday. He made a crass, tasteless remark about his wife secretly being a Taliban spy. This hours after they murdered over 100 schoolchildren in Pakistan. Then he made a non-apology. Deuche!


    1. That’s so horrible but unsurprising. I suppose he feigned ignorance over the whole matter. What an idiot.

      He’s always out-deuched the other two IMO. Misha is the ultimate and original deuche but he hides behind his fake ‘easy going’ persona, the ‘omg!I’msoliberalandparticipateinthreesomesyay!’ and all of his charity work and manages to deceive people. He’s fond of jumping off things that have happened, trying to be funny, crashing and burning and once called out, comes out with some bullshit clearly not intended to be a serious apology. He has no shame at all. He’s not even worthy of a stupid and senseless post.


  3. Yup, he tried to claim that he hadn’t seen the news in days. I’ve heard rumors that the ‘charity’ donations have gone right into his mother’s business and gifts for the employees. Apparently, you can’t claim donations to his ‘charity’ on your taxes.

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    1. Yup, he tried to claim that he hadn’t seen the news in days.

      Of course he hadn’t. SMH.

      LOL. Well, shit. I shouldn’t laugh but…damn. I would not be surprised if that was true. SPN fans are a lot of things, but naivety is their strong suit when it comes to these weird unofficial charities set up by the cast and crew. I’m always side-eyeing Misha and that scavenger hunt of his. But the day I knew he wasn’t shit was when he tried to charge people to watch Stonehenge Crapocalypse online. Is there even any the small print telling people what % of the money goes on what etc? He’s not even the worst one. Some of Jensen’s musician friends and the one-episode hanger ons like to auction things off for charity but right underneath they’ll say that only 10-20% of the proceeds will actually be donated. I get that they’ve got to eat but I’d rather they cut the bullshit and just sell their crap outright. Then again if fans are willing to pay $100 for a Skype conversation maybe they deserve to be ripped off.


      1. So out of curiosity, I got on the IRS website and searched for Misha’s ‘charity’. It came up with ‘0 results found’. Just as is supected, it’s not a recognized charity. Being the nasty old hag that I am, I find the thought of these idiot minions funding Misha’s lifestyle amusing.

        As for him ‘building a school’, I’ve heard that the locals usually aren’t too happy with first worlders coinmg into their impovrished communities, throwing up a ramshackle building, then departing, leaving no money for teachers, utilities and sundries, and schoolhouse/clinic that rapidly falls apart because it was slapped up overnight by people who can barely hold a hammer. Thanks bunches ya dogooders! You didn’t actually accomplish anything useful, but at least you feel good!


        1. LOL! Oh dear. I wonder how many of them have even though to check that out. It is quite hilarious that they just shell out money and then show up at convention where he’s getting paid even more (and no one has thought to ask why he can’t use his appearance fee for his charity work…).

          Oh gosh that school. Didn’t he fly out a bunch of random people and one blogger (RED FLAG!!), build it and then fly back…and then as far as I know there was no mention of it again. The locals are right to be annoyed with Westerners flying in to complete vanity projects that they won’t provide resources to maintain. And at the time he flew out wasn’t the Haitian government a complete mess? Typical fauxlebrities…anything for a photo-op and attention generated by their own self-interests.


  4. I had to hop on another browser to vote on the polls.
    “Awards season is also upon us and even though I hate awards season (with a passion only rivalled by my hate of British exports (read: musicians) becoming huge in America and then annoying the shit out of the rest of the world)” agreed. This happens all too often. Right now I’m so fed up with Taylor Swift just the mention of her name makes me want to scream.
    ” He has no shame at all. He’s not even worthy of a stupid and senseless post” lol so true.


    1. Ugh, yes. I’ve never intentionally listened to a Taylor Swift song but I feel like I’ve heard all of them. Same with One Direction and a thousand other ‘musical artists’. Sigh.

      Misha is the worst, lol.



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