Bad Moviethon #29 – The Intruder


The Intruder 2019 29%
Scott and Annie Russell couldn’t be happier after buying their dream home from a mysterious and lonely widower named Charlie in Napa Valley, California. Their newfound paradise soon turns into a living nightmare when Charlie – still strangely attached to the house – begins to show up and interfere in their daily lives. When his erratic behaviour turns to obsession, the young couple soon find themselves caught up in a violent confrontation that threatens to destroy everything they hold dear.

This movie was…something. First of all, I always have time for Michael Ealy and I feel like Dennis Quaid has been in so many movies where he’s good, so him as the villain was interesting.

To recap, a young, wealthy couple are house hunting and for some reason, the wife (her name escapes me, so…everyone will be referred to by their real names (now that I’ve added the synopsis I might as well use the proper names. sigggh) except for Tommy Egan from Power (as far as I’m concerned, this is what he got up to California), Annie, wants to move to a gorgeous house in the middle of nowhere. Apparently, she’s a blogger (but I don’t recall hearing this in the movie) so she can work from anywhere. Meanwhile, it’s a two hour commute for Chris, yet he buys it because…anything for her.

Charlie is creepy enough during their visit that they should have just…found another house in the middle of nowhere. After they move in, Charlie keeps on finding reasons to stop by. He also hides in the bushes a lot, presumably because he doesn’t do what the rest of us do. Spend hours watching mindless videos on YouTube.

Anyway, obviously Annie’s character is in Stupid Mode™ and doesn’t see how creepy Charlie’s behaviour is. Again, doesn’t she have Netflix? Who even answers their door in this day and age unless they’re expecting a parcel? Not that Charlie would let that get in this way. He’d probably suddenly be the mailman.

At one point, Charlie is spying on Annie while she’s in the shower and he begins to undress himself.

My reaction was literally, ‘well, damn, so he’s just straight up coo-coo in this movie, huh?

In all of this, the couple’s friend Tommy from Power is suspicious of Charlie and agrees with Chris that he’s been stalking them. Annie is still clueless because…why not?

Inexplicably, we have two scenes that make Chris look kind of shady. He openly flirts with a barista – I guess they were setting up the next instance. This time he goes to a bar refuses to answer Annie’s calls and then we see that he’s with a female colleague. Who he proceeds to kiss in the middle of the street where everyone can see them.

Like a true gentleman, he pulls away and tells her he has to go home. Wait. So, now we have to root for a cheating leading man? Is this a joke? Was this really necessary? Now Annie’s got a loser husband and psycho stalker. And a bad wig. That’s a triple L and it’s not okay. At all.

That plot mysteriously evaporates into thin air presumably because the movie already has a ham-fisted villain and seriously, Dennis Quaid is HILARIOUS in this film.


His facial expressions were comically cheesy and maniacal but I enjoyed them.

Anyway, eventually Charlie gets tired of Chris ruining his fantasies and he runs him over. While Chris is in hospital, Charlie slides on over to the house and has pizza with Annie. Chris sends Tommy from Power to check on her and Charlie manages to leave the house, shoot him and return back with a fake injury. LMAO.

WAIT. Is Chris’s accident related to his rendezvous with his female colleague? Or am I just trying to make sense of it all? Probably the latter.

Our visit into Crazytown takes a wild turn when we find out Charlie’s character killed his wife and made it look like a suicide. His reasoning? She wanted a divorce. For that reason, his own daughter is in hiding and he’s not in jail because ~not enough evidence.

fast forward, fast forward, fast forward

Annie somehow realises that Charlie has been living UNDERNEATH the house the entire time and there’s a long, drawn out fight sequence that failed to hold my attention.

In the end they corner him, call the police to report that they’ve shot an intruder and then they shoot him.

….I’d say this movie deserves its 29% score, 28% really because Meagan Good’s wig was a DISGRACE.


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