This is surprisingly accurate

I can’t seem to embed it here but this is an 11 season summary of SPN that sums up the show quite nicely.

Linky, link link: here

I’ll be back with recaps soon. The aim is to finish season 10, watch one episode of 11 and then ignore the show until next year.


2 thoughts on “This is surprisingly accurate

  1. Hah! That’s a perfect summary.

    I don’t think there’s enough facepalm in the world for season 10. I hear everyone’s been talking up season 11, “oh it’s a reboot of the show, going back to our roots of the early days…” Don’t they say that before pretty much every season anyway? I’ll probably most likely check out the first episode and see if it’s actually worth watching after that.

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    1. ‘Kripked’ sums up everything after season 5 very well LOL.

      Season 10 is becoming increasingly hilarious to me. I’m not sure if Jensen is doing serious acting or not. LMAO. Jared…well. I guess he was exhausted or whatever.

      Yeah, they’ve been saying that since season 7. I wish they’d just come out and say, ‘We have no idea what we’re doing but most of you don’t care anyway, so WHEEE!’. That’s clearly their season plan every year!



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