stupid and senseless, edition #50

I hate writing these sometimes, but I hate the fact that barely anyone calls Jared out on his shit more so I’ll do it even if only two people read it, LOL.

Anyway to cut to the chase, someone in Jared’s Q&A at one of those ridiculous conventions apparently thought that asking Jared about his disturbingly irate, one-sided, pathetic battle with every damn airline on the planet would get them their money’s worth. If they were looking for a helping of delusional with a side order of bullshit they got it. Jared is apparently doing his bit for us little, poor people. It’s okay for him because he can buy another air ticket and fly over to wherever the fuck, but people with less money can’t. Oh, and airlines having shitty customer service is basically ‘bullying’ and he was bullied ‘before he got big’ and he wants to stick up for other people. Really. Last time I checked, a company having shitty service was a company having shitty service. Nothing he’s ever described sounds like bullying to me. In fact…I recall him being the one to tweet a picture of a worker and call him a name. But, he’s Jared Padalecki! He’s made it big!! That’s perfectly okay!!!! Which is why he deleted it!!! Because he’s Padajesus, savior of the people!!!! Tweeting rabidly like a 13 year old girl who’s mad at the world is a-okay!!!!! #AllHailPadaJesus


I mean, I’m sorry that he was bullied, that shit sticks with you and isn’t cool, but his excuse is such bull that it is almost offensive. I say almost because being offended is a waste of emotion at this point. I have other shit to be offended by. Like his hair. So Jared can take his fake ‘saviour complex’ and go the fuck away. He can come back when he’s ready to admit that he’s just an entitled asshole. He’s not sticking up for anybody for himself.


One of my biggest pet peeves is when people throw around the word ‘bully’ just to justify their own shitty behavior. It’s crass and nasty. If you use the fact that you’ve been bullied in the past as an excuse to be rude, or act like a fool then you’re really no better. It’s manipulative and wrong. I’m sure American Airlines don’t even know who he is, but it isn’t nice. If somebody doesn’t agree with you, it doesn’t make them a bully. If someone refuses to stroke your ego, it doesn’t make them a bully. Someone not kissing your ass doesn’t make them a bully.

And as someone who’s received abuse from Jared’s so called fans, I think he might want to look a little bit closer to home before calling anyone else a bully. The nastiest sections of your fans earned that title a LONG time ago. Hell, even his ‘bodyguard’ is a dick to whoever he wants to be. Sort your own fucking house out before trying to save us little people from the big, bad companies.

I have no doubt that American Airlines regularly fucks up, but there’s worse shit that Padajesus could get mad about. Though I suppose that this is what happens when someone has more hair than sense.

(I would apologize for my foul language but fuck it, this show and its ilk deserve it!)



  1. You know I really hate it when no one calls him on his asshattery, so I’m really glad that you’re doing it. Everything you said, that’s totally what I’m talking about, and it just pisses me off that so many people excuse his douchey behavior because of him being PadaJesus (well, the hair doesn’t help, I suppose… but still…). It is manipulative and wrong to suggest that you were bullied to justify your behavior. And the funny thing is I don’t recall him ever mentioning that he was bullied in school in the past, especially in the early days of the show. But then again, he wasn’t on Twitter back then, and wasn’t acting like a douche in front of so many people.

    And as someone who’s received abuse from Jared’s so called fans, I think he might want to look a little bit closer to home before calling anyone else a bully. The nastiest sections of your fans earned that title a LONG time ago. Hell, even his ‘bodyguard’ is a dick to whoever he wants to be. Sort your own fucking house out before trying to save us little people from the big, bad companies.

    Word, word, WORD. And “more hair than sense”… describes him perfectly.


    1. I’m happy to do it if no one else will, though I’m fast approaching the day when I stop wasting my time on his shit. I don’t recall him being bullied though I remember reading that he said he wasn’t popular in school, which basically goes for 90% of all of us. Still, I won’t discount his claim. I’ll give him that one. He reminds me of that person I fell out with who accused me of bullying her and then tried to be all buddy, buddy with me after I’d apologised a million times (for stuff that is an insult to people who have actually been bullied). They don’t like it when they get their way so they play the bully card, hoping that it’ll get the other party to back down and apologise relentlessly. Manipulation 101.

      It’s a special kind of irony, isn’t it? Just ignoring the nasty fans out there. Sigh.


      1. Sorry I’m a little late here. But I thought this was the perfect opportunity to mention another LOL-worthy comment he made at the latest con M&G. Someone posted a report online (I’ll dig up the link if you want), but basically they said that Jared said he sees a lot of the hate he gets online. He said it’s always bothered him but he’s trying to see it different now, not as a reflection on him but on the person posting the hate. He said he doesn’t get angry at them as he doesn’t know what’s going on in their lives to make them act that way, what struggles they’ve been through, etc. And then he said some of it is a little silly and laughed when he mentioned all the hate he gets about his hair.

        LMAO…. Seriously, he says crap like that, meanwhile he bitches at the airlines, Romo, etc etc etc ad nauseum. Classic. And he knows about the hate on his hair? I guess he reads the SPN-related posts on ONTD? Where else have people dissed his hair? TWOP maybe?


        1. LOL. Jared’s hair has been a contentious issue for a long time. He used to claim that he didn’t read stuff on the internet about himself because back when he was on GG, someone made a comment about his hair (apparently he had extensions in at the time because he actually got a damn haircut) and it upset him. I don’t think he’s even amused at the ‘hate’ his hair gets. Even Z-Listers have huge, fragile egos!!

          All of this sounds like damage control to me, and I’m not buying it. I would argue that there’s 1% hate out there compared to all the love he gets so…I don’t have any sympathy. I used to back when he seemed decent but he chose to get Twitter, and chose to be an asshole on it. Oh but, I suppose we should also not get mad at the crap he spews because we have no idea what’s going on in his life…*snorts*. Nicely done, jarpad.

          I bet this is the reason behind #JaredLoveDay on Twitter. I almost threw up after venturing into the tag. I think he’s fallen into that trap called ‘believing your own press’ because of crap like that.


          1. LOL very true. I almost forgot about that. I remember him complaining about people mocking his hair back when he was on GG and how it upset him. Oh hell yeah, he’s got a huge ego to match that huge hair, lol

            It really comes off that way to me, too. He gets much more love, all those fans tweeting all this nauseating crap and begging him to say Hi to them, etc. I don’t either. Ugh, I hate how Twitter just exposes them as the deuches (lol) they really are. I really think it was all calculated. I read further in the report that he went on about how overwhelmed he is with all he’s dealing with, being a father and all that. So yeah, please feel sorry for me and excuse my stupid bitchy rants, for you have no idea how fragile I am and how bad things are for me. *eyeroll*

            It is! I saw posts all over my Tumblr dash about it. Some fan had added Gen into it, saying he’d mentioned the hate she got too (though that was later disproven; they said that he only mentioned himself), and that we should show them how much we loooooove them. Puke.


            1. LOL. I can almost understand the GG hair upset, he was quite young, but on some level he has to see that his hair did look ridiculous back then. Haha.

              This is a common ‘celebrity’ trait that I’ve noticed. They get 99% flattering, ass-kissing stuff and like, 1% negativity and they decided to comment on the negativity. Usually in a ‘Haters gonna hate and I’m above all of this’ type of way, similar to what he said. Basically the goal is to get more attention and pull people back onside. It’s a clever ploy if done properly, but I think Jared’s probably won over the amount of people he’s going to win over, considering that he is the least liked main actor on the show in the first place. I used to hate how Twitter exposed people but now I think it’s good for us to see people for who they really are and maybe it’ll help alleviate this annoying celebrity culture where we’re expected to hang on to every word they say because of who they are.

              Overwhelmed with being a father…lol, well…I’ll let him have that but it doesn’t excuse bad behaviour and I certainly don’t feel sorry for him. LOL, of course it was. I’m surprised he didn’t mention her for some bonus woe is me points.


  2. Agreed, he’s a hypocritical ass with a Jesus complex ego is so delusional he probably does believe he’s made it big. When you’re an actor who has spent over a third of your life, 99% of your career on the WB/CW and your few movies are crap (not that I’ve seen any but come on) I don’t think that qualifies as making it big. To use a musical metaphor, he’s Vanilla Ice but he thinks he’s Paul McCartney (I feel like that was mean to Vanilla Ice). He’s like the Metallica song Leper Messiah without the subtext about tv evangelists (it still applies to him and his wacky fans).
    In school I was bullied to a moderate degree, never any physical abuse but lots of mental abuse and threats. Being bullied is not cool and I don’t mean to sound insensitive but am I the only fucking person on the planet who was able to let it go? Being bullied is never okay but some people seem to dwell on it and use it as an excuse for various forms of poor behavior/attitudes.
    He’s never going to get over himself, the best we can hope for is for his career to eventually wither and for his fans to eventually get a life and stop paying attention.


    1. Eh, Bullying is one of those grey areas isn’t it? It’s been trivialized greatly in recent times. I think the act of bullying itself can maybe be forgotten, but the issues that come with it make it hard for people to move on. That being said, some people do use it as an excuse to do whatever they want when in fact they run the risk of becoming a bullies themselves.

      ‘Cry Wolf’ type accusations of bullying really irritate me. As someone who’s prone to arguing, I have been accused by a few people who don’t know what genuine bullying is. I don’t really understand how I can be bullying someone and yet they’re talking to me everyday and acting normally, but whatever, I know what I’ve done and what I haven’t done so I don’t care anymore. The worst someone can accuse me of is being a total bitch and I can own that.

      Jared needs a time-out. He’s so transparent. All of his ‘I’m just a laidback Texas dude’ quotes are bull. When you have to tell people how chill and normal you are, sorry son, you’re not. But uh, making a flop horror movie and a flop TV show now constitutes as making it ‘big’. Good to know. I suppose it has been clear for a while now that his ego is out of control. LOL, the Paul McCartney/Vanilla Ice comparison is perfect. Jared is Vanilla Ice.

      They’re already making noise about season 11, because that’s progressive, but I’m sure he will get his wake up call at some point. I think he’s maybe already starting to with American Airlines. I suspect that all of the plane hopping has scrambled his brains.


  3. I never thought about it but I bet he ends up in an argument with a TSA agent sooner or later. He’ll flip out like that guy in the batman (can’t think of his name) who started screaming at a producer or something. Everything he said was recorded , that was bad publicity for whoever the hell he is (Christian Bale?) I only hope when it happens (it’s only a matter of time) that it gets filmed.
    Supernatural is that’s television equivalent of “Ice, Ice, Baby”. At least you can hear the tune from a great Queen song while listening to that, SPN offers no such benefits.


    1. LOL. It was probably a TSA agent who started it and he’s still sad about being manhandled or something. Christian Bale! Lol, I don’t think it affected him that much in the end but that rant was all kinds of hilarious. I would love to see a video of Jared arguing with a TSA agent. He’d probably be all quiet and shit. Loud mouths on the internet usually are.

      …I kind of like Ice, Ice, Baby even though I know it’s shit, which I guess is the same as how I liked Supernatural even though I knew it was cheesy as hell and had terrible fight scenes. LOL, so true about the bassline from Under Pressure! Who would have thought that a Vanilla Ice song would have a redeeming quality haha.


  4. Jared comes across as a major phallus to me, judging by tweets members of the neurotic SPN fandom post from his Twitter account and a few questionable things he’s said at conventions. Just because you have a Twitter account doesn’t mean you have to use it as a mental defecation point.

    Actually, scratch the phallic comparison as that is an insult to penises.

    I don’t understand why many SPN fans are willing to fete someone who obviously doesn’t convey himself as a nice character. He’s not even good-looking either – and I get all these same vibes from his co-bestie Jensen.

    Totally bizarre.


    1. LOL! Major phallus sounds about right. I think fans are too caught up in his pre-Twitter image. He seemed like a nice guy, he said all of the right things. He was the perky to Jensen’s grumpy etc. By the time he was on Twitter and saying all this shit, the more…rabid fans just didn’t care about any of it because of all of the fakery. And I can only assume that Jared’s dropped the act because he knows that a. his career is going nowhere and he’s bitter and b. he knows that 90% of his fans will eat it up, regardless of how offensive it is.

      I don’t get it myself. I used to be all crazy over him but that evaporated soon after he joined Twitter. People bend over backwards to defend him and it’s just like, ‘what is he really doing for you? You do realise that he’s no actually Sam Winchester in real life?’ but they don’t care. And even people who are normally reasonable go out of their way to come to his defense. I do not know what kind of spell their under. Maybe it’s a subliminal disease? It is quite weird.

      Jensen gives me the same vibes. I get the feeling that he’s probably worse but up until now he’s been smart enough to save his douchebag behaviour for people paying thousands to see him at conventions. From yelling at fans to arguing with them during photo-ops…but, he’s St. Jensen according to his fans.


        1. I’m not sure about the more recent ones but as recent as last year he was yelling at fans. He yelled at some fan’s 12 year old daughter over this stupid (but harmless) Facebook page the mother had set up. It was rude and uncalled for. He’s known for being grumpy to the point where some fans feel put out. At one con he sang on the second day to make up for being a complete nightmare on the first day. He also argued over wearing a pair of devil horns with a friend of mine because if he put them on (for all of 10 seconds) everyone else would want him to do so. A photo-op costs something like a $100/£60, so it was kind of ridiculous to argue. I’m not sure if he’s still the same though but everyone usually has some excuse for his behavior. In terms of things that he’s said, there’s banning questions, getting pissy with anyone who mentions Destiel (while playing up the ho!yay with Misha), encouraging fans to boo this one girl. Saying that unmanly = gay, there’s no manly way to drink out of a straw, some disparaging things about Sera Gamble, whining about how the writing is bad (when he usually has a different take on things initially), ragging on other actors etc. He’s a major dick, IMO. There’s always been something off about him but I don’t know what it is. Maybe the sexist, misogynist vibe he gives off? There was some story about him ‘taking care of’ some actress he did a sex scene with that made me side eye him because it was just so weird – though his ‘Ackleholics’ thought it was sweet. Ick.

          *end rant* Is it obvious that I’m not his biggest fan? 😛


      1. Yup. Jared is an idiot. A rude, offensive, judgemental idiot. Unfortunately most people seem to think this is a redeeming quality because he’s ‘telling it like it is’. For what it’s worth he does do his best to appear to be very nice in public, but Twitter is a domain where he is clearly unable to pretend to be someone he’s not.


  5. Geez, 200 bucks for a picture with his worshipfullness? For that kind of money, I’d expect a dinner date. But I’m sure he just does it for the fans.

    As for the destielers, from what I can see, they’re a big part of the fandom and probably one of the reasons the show has lasted this long so maybe he ought to be more polite. Yelling at a child, encourging a mob mentality towards a fan who asked him an awkward question? Just why is he so beloved again?

    As for Padalecki, he needs to get over himself and stop acting like it’s a personal affront if the flight is delayed. I have a feeling that he won’t take well to obscurity when the show finally ends.

    Vanilla Ice, heh.


    1. The money the fans pay is crazy. I remember back when I was a naive fan, I used to think they did it for free so I’d read all the ‘Fans should be happy that the guys are taking their time to interact with them!’ posts and agree and then I found out how much they got paid and I was like, ‘well damn.’

      Just why is he so beloved again?

      Because he’s “pretty”. Over the fanpage drama people were saying that the fans were disrespecting them and that they don’t have to put up with it but…uh, they’re paid to put up with it!

      Jared’s made it BIG now!!! How dare they not make sure his flights are on time! He wouldn’t even get a Just For Men knock-off company to take him seriously. Though I’m hearing that he’s agreed to model underwear for a company that I’ve never heard of. 😛


      1. Now King Jensen is mad because he didn’t get an automatic upgrade for first class and had to sit with the commoners.

        “Jensen Ackles @JensenAckles
        @AlaskaAir with years of loyalty and full status, how do I lose my position on the upgrade list. #NotImpressed

        Jensen Ackles @JensenAckles
        Hey @AlaskaAir maybe if I follow u, that’ll help to stop the hole ur digging for urself. @jarpad doesn’t have the issue, I do. #clueless

        There must be something in the water in Vancouver.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I heard about this! And just because Jensen’s also a self-entitled dumb-dumb I’m going to do another stupid and senseless post tomorrow. The irony in them replying to Jared was probably lost on both of them. #Clueless sounds about right.

          Bonus cringe at the use of ‘ur’ and ‘urself’ but at least the spelling is correct.



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