2020. Where do we start? Do you we start with Aunty corona? Do we start with Trump and co nearly leading us into WW3? Or Kobe Bryant’s untimely death? This year has been a mad year for everyone but in 2020, we are still seeing black bodies littered on the streets by authorities. This is […]

via The Purge: Killing unarmed black people is not the answer — Melanated Scholars

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Your Number One.”

What was the #1 song when you were born? (not sure? you can find out here.) Write about how the song relates (or not!) to your personality.

Well this seems fun and I’m bored.

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"That was funny"
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All one can do during these hard times, is to treasure the moments when the supernatural writers were capable of producing humourous content. And not that SO BAD THAT YOU EITHER HAVE TO LAUGH OR CRY KINDA CONTENT EITHER.