snarkview: 10×10, dean winchester is hopelessly devoted to the mark of disdain


I’m still on season 10, but I hear that season 11 is equally as shit as this season so far.

“What a surprise,” said no one.


The Hunter Games
[Insert something witty]
The Who Gives A Shit Games


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A day in the life of….supernatural snark

I was going to write a completely nonsensical and probably irrelevant step by step of how I recap. Mostly because I need to critique myself and figure out how to make them shorter (and I didn’t want to use this time to actually watch an episode). However,  I couldn’t be bothered. So I spent twice as much time as I would have writing that making a comic strip version of my watch/recap process.


I am currently questioning my life choices.

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snarkview: 10×07, no strings attached



Girls, Girls, Girls
[Insert something witty]
Hurls, Hurls, Hurls

Smile! I watched both Thor movies over the weekend, and this scene always cracks me up.

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snarkview: 10×06, the bullshit meter is full


Well. I haven’t seen the show since November so all I remember is that Dean was a demon and then he wasn’t. Dean also had a prospective murderer named Cole. Dean was still dealing with the effects of the Mark of Disdain. Dean broke up with Crowley.

And I’m guessing that the main complaint before next season starts will be that Dean never has a storyline.

This will probably be all over the place. Like always. It’s what the show deserves.
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snarkview: 8×22, not saving people, hunting things unsuccessfully, the family business

WordPress has changed!

Oh and I don’t remember anything that’s happened, but whatever!! I’m sure there will be brand new plot for me to get my head around that contradicts the rest of the season somehow.

What The Episode Was Called: Clip Show

What It Should Have Been Called: 9.12, because Supernatural does not need 22-episode seasons. THEY SUCK AT IT.

RECAP: As usual it is FULL OF ALL THIS SHIT. SOME OF WHICH I HAVEN’T WATCHED….WHO IS ABBADON? Some red-headed chick by the looks of things. That Dean cut into strips and laid under cement. Okay then.


Our pre-credits soiree comes with one of the original Dumb Kids In The Woods!!!!!!!! All the way back from season 1!

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the rest of season 8

I haven’t even attempted to watch an episode since the last one I saw…but I’m going to try and finish the season and get it out of the way. There’ll probably be something up by Friday. I don’t know if I’m going to do any of the ones I haven’t watched, is there any point? I do want to watch them though just to have it out of the way, and also because I have a few downloaded because I’m stupid.

I have no idea if I’m doing season 9. Ideally, I’ll be watching…but I’m extremely out of the loop right now and there’s a good chance that I’ll just forget that Supernatural exists between now and whenever the hell it airs. LOL.

Anyway…..ANOTHER SHITFEST OF A SEASON IS OVER! Rejoice with Carlton, people.


special snarkview: 8×18, supernatural’s 3303030303th vampire episode.

Quick note from supernaturalsnark: Yo! Trish (who is awesome!) was kind enough to write the snarkycapthing for episode 18, and it’s hilariously funny and brilliant so you should all read it! 😀 I  AM JEALOUS OF THE LENGTH. MY GOAL FOR THE NEXT ONE IS TO MAKE IT THIS SHORT. If I fail to do so, my punishment will be watching the next Felicia Day episode.  Continue reading “special snarkview: 8×18, supernatural’s 3303030303th vampire episode.”

snarkview: 8×17, in which cas is needed, but free to go once he’s made dean’s face pretty again.

Greetings! I went into this episode not having any idea what was happening, and came out of it the same way. Isn’t that wonderful? Points:

  • Jensen still has a ridiculous tan
  • Jared still has terrifying hair
  • Misha is still on the show
  • Angel tablet, demon tablet….we’re still pretending that this is a storyline
  • I am still watching the show, because I’m an idiot.

What the episode was called: Goodbye Stranger

What it should have been called: Hit Me Baby One More Time

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snarkview: 8×15, the one where the cast were presumably too drunk to object.

Firstly, I went gif crazy again. YOU LOVE IT. I can’t resize them because they go static otherwise. 😦

I can understand why people were horrified by this episode, by the  time  I got around to watch it I mostly didn’t care enough to get angry. But uh, I was when it aired. So there’s that. Plus I was squicked out by some scenes, so I have plenty to rage about.  I did come across one particular fan who apparently knew exactly what was going on in the minds of Jared and Jensen. They were sick while filming this episode!!! So, they couldn’t object to it because they were too feeble and broken down. OH AND THE EPISODE TITLE WAS A PLAY ON JENSEN’S WIFE’S CANCELLED TV SHOW! A show that….mostly passed everyone by. Presumably that person had never, ever heard of the term ‘Friends With Benefits’ before. LULZ!

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snarkview: 8×14, the one where my eyes are rollin’, rollin’, rollin’.

I’m going to attempt to do this as I watch but alas, it’s inevitable that I’ll give up in about two minutes due to boredom.  I did it! Kinda. It was all in short note form so I HAVE TO EDIT IT AND WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF.  Also, I had to change my layout  AGAIN back to the first ever one (hence the header) because the text is being a bitch. Fix your shit, WordPress.

I think it’ll be less snarky. Boo, oh well, here goes.

What the episode was called: Trial and Error

What it should have been called: Rehashville 50.0

Andrew Dabb wrote this one. Andrew Drabb.

The episode starts off with a recap made up of mostly season 2 clips. Ugh. Stop tainting one the two seasons that I still like, please. And then there’s some shit about how this place (Sam and Dean’s new house or whatever) has every spell, potion etc. I haven’t seen that episode yet but REALLY? Another magical building that has all the information that Sam and Dean could possibly want.

B o r i n g.

There’s a montage of Kevin doing shit, like drinking coffee and probably whining to himself repeatedly. Eventually he falls unconscious. Yay!

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