retrosnark #2: 5.04 “The End” – I have a magnetic connection with the padahair okay?

Because I haven’t done one since, uh. The first one. As you probably gathered from the title.

I can’t remember if I actually like season 5…. but I think I liked the first five episodes at least. After that episode with the Antichrist boy that was PROMPTLY FORGOTTEN it went a little downhill but it got better from episodes 14 onwards.

So, I converted this episode ages ago and finally sat down to watch it  today. AND, THERE’S LIKE NO PADA-HAIR IN IT. I mean two Jensen Ackles is nice but I have a magnetic connection with the padahair okay?

The Good

  • SAMIFER. I love Jared in that scene. It used to give me the chills, however this time when I watched it I was more like, “AWW LOOK. THE PERFECT SINGLE TEAR!” and it vanishes as Samifer vanishes. Lol hilarious. Unless of course evaporation happens at the speed of light in 2014
  • The End scene. I love reunited!Sam and Dean.
  • 2014!Dean was pretty hot. Even if 2009!Dean think he’s a dick.
  • Return of Croatoan was a nice tough, the scene with “Do You Love Me” blasting out is always effective.
  • The actual episode, lol.

The Bad.

  • 2014!Dean’s Batman voice. I can’t even. I can’t hear half of what he’s saying. I have delicate ears. LOL. Jensen’s voice is naturally deep, the Batman voice makes him sound…well Batman voice + Dean’s voice is really grating.
  • ARE THEY ALL MORONS. WHY. WHY WOULD THE COLT KILL LUCIFER. HE IS AN ANGEL FOR GOD’S SAKE. THE COLT DOESN’T DISCRIMINATE OKAY. And okay so maybe you could say that I’m saying this because I know what happens later on. But I remember thinking that the second Cas brought up the Colt.

The Downright Creepy.

  • Casti-fucking-el. Wash up for the orgy? Ew, how about no. And all of the laughing and being high all the time. It was just weird to watch. Why couldn’t he have pissed off with the other angels.

Conclusion: They’ve really been working hard at fucking up Supernatural ever since season 5 ended haven’t they? It’s x1000000000 better than anything from season 6 and 7.

Hang yo’ head in shame Sera. DO EET.