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snarkview: The Quad & Zoe Ever After (BET)

Note: this was orginally written and forgotten about in May. I’ve decided to set it free, lol. 

Before I start, I just have to ask. What would it cost for BET to have one sensible show. Just one. One. It’s bad enough that you have to pick through a sea of whiteness to find a POC character on other television networks. The one network where that isn’t a problem should have at least one decent show, but no. We get neck rolls and stereotypes. If I wanted to watch that, I’d stick to VH1’s reality line up.

Anyway, I digress.

Zoe Ever After | 2016 | BET (more…)


A brief aside about ‘The Shield’


Am I the only one who constantly has (or had to given that the show is old now!) to suspend belief when the Strike Team (which consists of four cops) manage to take on multiple gangs(and these guys are usually violent, dangerous and armed) successfully…usually without backup? Occasionally there are so hiccups for plot purposes, but really…? They couldn’t make the team six guys or something?

It’s still a good show but…my belief is still suspended.


One Lamp To Live – Fight Edition

or…a collection of cheesy, stupid clips from One Life To Live!

I know, I know – I’ve reached a new low.

I have no idea how I ended up inside this One Life To Live YouTube black hole but it happened and I am dealing with it. Sort of. I think I might have to go back to recapping Supernatural. I might as well provide my one reader with topical snark. Although, #4 is kind of topical in the sense that I shoehorned in a Supernatural reference.

1. [link]


In this first clip, I have no idea what these two woman are fighting about. I love how dramatically they take each slap. And I hope to hell the blonde one was wearing clip on earrings. ’cause damn. I would not sacrifice my ear lobes for no bitch. NEVER.

Hilariously, the guy saves the lamp and sort of stands there watching them. Except it’s hilarious in that it’s really, really, really AWKWARD.

I love how the Rama goes from fighting to blackmailing the lamp dude seamlessly.

From searching the web, I got an explanation (kind of) for this fight. What stood out was….

They soon found out Rama wasn’t pregnant after Robert Ford accidentally poked Rama’s water-ballooned pregnant belly.

Water balloon??? AMATEUR. (more…)

UnREAL (Lifetime)



Unsurprisingly, the first I heard of UnReal was when I saw that it was on Amazon. With ten episodes in its first season, I figured that it would be the perfect antidote to my Sons of Anarchy marathon, which was a nightmare in itself.

This show, though. I feel like everyone likes it because everyone else likes it. I’d watched 4/5 episodes before I saw any reviews and my reaction was, ‘whaa’. It has a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critics have spoken!

It started off well but then I realised it was just another show about terrible people doing terrible things, and oh look, something sad happens and…they go back to being terrible. The aspect that intrigues people is probably the whole Bachelor (which I’ve never watched) scenario. However, the show mainly focuses on the nasty shit the producers do and acts like some kind of expose. The showrunner apparently worked on The Bachelor, so I guess she’s in her element here. However, is it really an expose when anyone with some common sense knew exactly how much the producers manipulated things? It’s not rocket science.

Either way, I’ll probably continue to watch the show because of Michael Rady. I’m weak. I’ve also seen some interesting commentary on the second season, so…watch this space.

what is happening with jared’s face here?

season 8 of Faux-Macho-Natural, premiering this October on America’s BEST NETWORK!!!! It’ll be an unmissable event, guys. 

Actually, what’s happening with all of their faces? Jared looks like someone is denying him food (STEAK, OBVIOUSLY) and dangling it in his face from a distance. Jensen looks like he isn’t sure what facial expression he’s supposed to have and Misha looks discombobulated.

Don’t get me started on Jared’s hair. Sigh.

How wonderful.

I haven’t watched the episode (or any since the last post I did) but someone (for some reason) just told me what happened. All the angels have been expelled from HEAVEN!!!! Wooo!!! What an interesting development!!!! Such a great plot twist. I had no idea that this would happen, and it just makes me so excited for season 9! Here’s to another season of Cas whining about how hard his life is, while Dean whines about how hard his life is, because he’s sacrificed so much, yet people keeping letting him down, and none of it is his fault. Sam will just…be there, somewhere, with his hair looking ludicrous. Depending on what mood the writer is in, we may get a line or fifty about how Sam just wants a normal life/wishes he could save people again. So basically, CAKE!

Also, how great of them to bring Sarah Blake back just to kill her off. Sam’s PEEN’O’DEATH STRIKES AGAIN…just, it took a long while in her case. Oh well.

snarkview: 8×04, So yeah, I have no witty title for this post. BLAME MILED CYRULECKI


Haven’t watched the episode yet as I write this…again. But anyway, I happened to see Jared’s tweet about Miley Cyrus’ hair. JARED COMMENTING ON SOMEONE ELSE’S HAIR. WHEN HIS LOOKS LIKE SASQUATCH’S WOULD AFTER AN INCOMPLETE BRAZILIAN BODY WAX.