Yet another useful invention…

1. Why?

2. $35? Not in this lifetime. I could get a regular cap, glue on a phone case and hey presto. Boom. If anything, this is awakening my creative urges. I’m gonna buy a phone case and stick it onto toast.

Okay, maybe I need to go back to the drawing board. 

3. What happens if it suddenly starts raining? 

4. Seriously, why?!

stupid and senseless: focusing on the hard stuff

I was taking a break from compiling my Trump post when I stumbled upon this:

This isn’t particularly stupid or senseless but if felt wrong not including it in the title. 


Noticing the typo is one thing. Most of us would be like, ‘huh’ and move on, but okay. Taking a picture and trying to call CNN out on Twitter (all while having nothing to say about the very serious matter that they’re reporting on) is another thing. One might say that it says a lot about your character, but Jared’s got such a big heart that this was probably his subtle way of raising awareness. 

A couple of people called him out in his mentions, and typically the Pada Warrior Defense League were on hand to do their thing.