the stuff is in the stuff bag (or, the long list of TV shows that I’ve been watching)

I’ve been busy but bizarrely enough that’s usually when I do my most TV watching – background noise and all that. Anyway, here’s a quick run-down.

RUSH HOUR: This just started recently and I kind of love it. I shouldn’t but I do anyway. They won me over with their ‘Asian Orlando Bloom’ line. The first episode borrowed heavily for the movies – the rogue sibling and dodgy law enforcement and stolen statues but I think it was still decent. The first movie will always be a classic. I adore the show. Buddy-cop is my genre. It’s the GENRE. It never gets old. People should just embrace it. [ETA: It was cancelled and pulled off schedule until July. SO RUDE.]

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Weekend post!

Or basically the ‘rambling about watching stuff & verbal pet peeves and embarrassing stories post’.

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OS: almost human, sleepy hollow, mentalist, cfistupid & scene of the week, and almost sleepy appreciation!

Am I doing a weekly non-Supernatural TV post now? I think I might, seeing as how I’ve declared myself a one person fandom. My 52 viewers per day can rejoice with me or whatever!





There was some SPN/Sleepy Hollow crossover last week when Orlando Jones live tweeted the episode. Funny stuff, even though SPN still sucks. His tumblr is particular entertaining. His “[insert name] be like…” comments are hilarious. And Road To Hollow. The Sleepy Hollow cast are turning out to be awesome.

Speaking of Sleepy Hollow.


That scene made me LOSE IT. Like, I was just laughing so hard at him going the wrong way. Haha. I need to remember that I am snarkster. Dammit.

I’m gonna talk about the shows themselves below, but some of my fave Sleepy Hollow scenes so far are:


And like, this is just going to be a complete FANGIRL post. I will snark about Chicago Fire down below or something. It’s my default snark show now that I’m too smart to watch SPN. Though I hear that this week’s Supernatural didn’t suck. They just made John Winchester even worse then he already was.

Re-fucking-Hashville. But hey, at least it didn’t suck.


They are adorable.

Onto the reviewy recap stuff.

The Mentalist

I read a comment along the lines of “anyone expecting the Red John case to come to some sort of serious conclusion will be disappointed” and that’s basically this entire season. They are going to show us life after Red John which will be interesting. But if only we could erase these few episodes. The last episode was just nutty, it was like watching Street Kings and Supernatural sucks less than that movie did. Oh dear. This week’s episode is called Red John…I look forward to it, haha. I’m expecting an evil twin brother or previously dead but now undead character to show up at least once. Don’t let me down, Heller. 🙂

Chicaaaaaaaago Fire

Yeah. It actually didn’t suck this week. And my mind literally went blank. But Treat Williams seems to have discover that he has an extra child in every episode. Also, Casey is now a model parent or whatever.

Almost Human

This show, guys. This freaking show. YES. It’s set in 2048 in a world where crime has increased by 400% (LOL). We start off in the middle of a raid where some shady group have turned on the cops and killed a whole bunch of them. Detective John Kennex survives the raid but loses his leg. 17 months later, he’s made to go back to work, because there’s a lead on the shady group. He’s been trying to remember what happened, but there’s been no real progress. He gets an MX (android cop partners that are now compulsory), but it asks too many questions and he throws it out of his car lol. Back at the lab, Rudy, the tech guy gives him a DRN in replacement. DRN’s are an old type of Android cop, they’re programmed to feel or “the crazy ones” as John says. John’s DRN is called Dorian and they go and do cop stuff. They clash at first, but Dorian saves John’s life and they become friends and catch the bad guys. That was the first episode, which was all serious business.

The second episode was a lot better. And just, watch it if you haven’t already. 🙂

Sleepy Hollow

My new favourite show! This weeks episode was really good. I loved the reveal of the horseman’s original identity, Captain Irving getting involved and JOHN FREAKING CHO. I’m seriously really impressed with the show. I’m glad that I didn’t pre-judge it too much, because it really is the highlight of my week.

this has been a really lame recap post but I’ve been a bit under the weather. I’ll be back next week with something a lot more coherent hopefully 🙂

OS: chicagofireisstupid, sleepy hollow and the mentalist


Chicago Fire, 2×06. Oh Chicago Fire. I don’t really think that holding an artery for up to 12 hours with BARE FINGERS/a clip would really keep anyone alive. Actually, a clip would probably just puncture it. What you’re supposed to is apply PRESSURE TO THE FUCKING WOUND FIRST!!! There was plenty of material available ugh.

And that was only one of the dumb things that happened during this episode.

Sleepy Hollow, 1×06 & 1×07

I JUST. I LOVE THIS SHOW. I don’t know I just do. Episode 6 was really good. They finally severed the tie between Ichabod and the Headless Horseman and JOHN NOBLE showed up as a sin-eater and it was awesome. Also Ichabod called Abbie, “Abbie” (which  is a big deal, okay) and they hugged and ALSO they went to baseball together and yes, it was a very good episode.

Episode 7 was great too. JOHN FRICKIN’ CHO WAS BACK. And he had the line of the episode.

Crane/someone: I thought you were dead!

John Cho: I AM DEAD. 

And Ichabod discovered the internet. And internet porn, which was really fucking hilarious. He slammed the laptop shut when the porn video started it. And then he took another peak and the woman in the video was like, “STILL HERE” and just, it was hilarious. As was his outrage over the fact that people PAY for water.

The plot was good too, they managed to get Captain Irving onside (hmm) and trap the horseman. I can’t believe there’s only a six episodes left! 😦

What a fun little show this is turning out to be!

The Mentalist

I love The Mentalist but this season has been a complete LOL-fest, for all the wrong reasons. We’ve had a twin brother avenging his possibly dead and Red-John disciple brother, a secret police organisation with tattoos and a secret code! Patrick Jane waving a rifle around.

source:  tumblr_mvr03xP7wy1sgc5wqo4_250


Jane packing a gun is just funny to me, LOL.


And basically the worst possible way to drag out the identity of Red John. There were seven possible people who they could be. Two of them are dead. There have been six episodes so far. Instead of ruling out one per episode it’s just been drips and drabs of information that don’t even really make all that sense. BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT JUST TO SEE PATRICK WAVING A RIFLE AROUND. I was crying with joy. Also, there needs to be more Cho. Way more Cho. Like, a spin-off or something. Where Cho gives commentary on life. Please.


OS: chicagofireisstupidsnark 2.0 & sleepy hollow [episodes 3-5]

This season on Chicago Fire we’ve had…..


We’ve had a wannabe-gangster’s  (all he did was smash some glass up, pfft) underling go undercover as a love interest to one of the paramedics who part owns a bar (that the wannabe gangster has 1% of), only for her to find out that he works for the wannabe gangster and then after that it turns out that – SURPRISE! – he’s actually an undercover cop!

We’ve also had the Russian cousin of one of the fire-fighters ask Lady Gaga’s boyfriend to marry her so she can stay in the country. Of course.

There was also an episode that spent 15 minutes mentioning the cinnamon test repeatedly. It then turned into a cracker test, because uh, fire-fighters of all people shouldn’t be doing the cinnamon test? I don’t even know.

There’s also been an incident where the widow of a dead-fire-fighter gets done for drink-driving….after drinks to celebrate one year passing after her husband died or something.

In conclusion: this show is so stupid but I can’t help but watch it. It’s just so entertainingly stupid.

SLEEPY HOLLOW (1.03 – 1.05)

There’s been no John Cho. No headless horseman (though he appeared at the end of episode 5 SO HE MUST BE IN EPISODE 6, RIGHT?) Which I so need to watch! I’m not feeling the whole sister storyline because I AM OVER ALL THIS SIBLING NONSENSE. But I quite liked the Roanoke plot in episode 5! I liked the take on the disease and how the “lost colony” stayed lost. It was pretty clever.

Most memorable line: “What is this impenetrable barrier around this instrument?”


This seems safe.




OS: sleepy hollow, 1×02

I don’t even know if this show has episode titles.

The episode  starts with Ichabod being chased by horsemen. Including headless one. THAT WILL NEVER NOT BE AWESOME. He’s saved by the ghost of his ex-wife who basically recaps the show and explains the plot of the episode. Very clever, writers. AND WOOSH, it was all a dream. He tries to leave the motel (or apartment, whatever) they have him at, but a police charge/guard says he can’t until Sheriff Mills turns up.

Back at the PD, Mills tries to explain what happened to John Cho. Captain Irving basically tells her that no one will believe her and he shows her a security camera tape of John Cho running into the mirror and snapping his own neck.

Ichabod, meanwhile, (attempts to) discovers the shower, the hairdryer and the television. He’s outraged when Mills turns up, because he doesn’t want to be held captive. He tells Mills about the dream. She doesn’t believe him. Mostly because the shady Captain has been trying to talk her out of what she believes she saw. Gurl, please.

In the morgue, a body starts to move….

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