The Girl Who Hates Everything | Secondhand Embarrassment



clearly jensen ackles needs to be stopped.

If you’re a masochist like me who somehow cannot escape from Supernatural, you’ve probably seen this waste of equipment/time/energy/shittiness:

Not only does it suck, the meme is virtually dead (even though lame people are trying and failing to keep it going) and…they managed to fuck it up anyway. It’s not really supposed to look all polished and ~professional AND HAVE A FUCKING OVERHEAD SHOT THAT MAKES IT HARD FOR ME TO SEE ANYTHING or have that many people that I don’t care to look at it in it.

According to Guy Bee who’s a director/attention seeker/annoying as fuck on twitter/no one that you need to know

It was Jensen’s idea.

Which okay, so this is a guy who’s on Season L8me of Shittynatural, that he has bad judgement is a given. But then I found out that the wig in The Felicia Day 2.0 show was his idea.



I am not impressed.

In other news! That annoying hunter brat Krissy is back on the show in the next episode. You remember her. The girl from Adventures in Babysitting or what the fuck ever. She spent most of it trying to mentally undress/fuck Jensen Ackles with her eyes. I was so amused/disturbed/creeped out that I restricted my snark to one line. I look forward to hating every minute of her return.