special snarkview: 8×18, supernatural’s 3303030303th vampire episode.

Quick note from supernaturalsnark: Yo! Trish (who is awesome!) was kind enough to write the snarkycapthing for episode 18, and it’s hilariously funny and brilliant so you should all read it! 😀 I  AM JEALOUS OF THE LENGTH. MY GOAL FOR THE NEXT ONE IS TO MAKE IT THIS SHORT. If I fail to do so, my punishment will be watching the next Felicia Day episode.  Continue reading “special snarkview: 8×18, supernatural’s 3303030303th vampire episode.”

heavenatus has been gr8.

I’m sure when Sup3rnatural wins best fandumbdom award tomorrow, they will all be ECSTATIC. What is better in life than winning an award that YOU spent HOURS voting for?! Heck, some of you even voted 6,000+ (LOOK AT YOUR LIFE CHOICES, BITCHES) times. You will be rewarded with an award that you will never hold in your hands. An award that may not be screened live on television. An award that will be on screen for a few minutes if it is screened.

How GR8.

After you’ve retweeted and reblogged the award, what happens then? Does fandom win a prize? Do they win MONEY?! Or maybe the prize is more seasons!!! More conventions (that you’re paying for), honestly the LIST OF PROMISING POSSIBILITIES is endless.

Anyway, short recap this of this season.

  • Cas has done fuck all
  • Crowley has done fuck all but kidnap Kevin
  • Does anyone remember what Kevin looks like?
  • Fans wanted Sam’s DAYS OF OUR CAKE FILLED LIVES soap opera to be taking place in his head. They were disappointed.
  • Dean is involved in a bromantic relationship with a VAMPIRE.
  • Everyone wants Sam and Dean to die. Okay, maybe that’s just me.

So basically you could pretty much start watching the season from this point because nothing has happened.

Things to look forward to Reasons to spare yourself from the torture:

  • Sam and Dean LARPing. Oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! OMG!!!!111 SAM AND DEAN COSPLAYING OH GOD OH GOD HOW EXCITING. I don’t think so.
  • Felicia Day. Yeah, fuck you too show. Fuck. You. Too.
  • ….plot in the last three episodes.