retrosnark: supernatural, 4×09 – tepid at best

This isn’t a new recap, but I found an old document with my thoughts on the episode and it was hilarious to me, so to anyone who misses my recaps – this is for you!

For some reason, I split it into the flashbacks and after the flashbacks. I’m not sure why I didn’t just approach it as a whole. 

I’ve had a chance to watch it again, without feeling like I’m going to throw up

…off to a good start!

Sam addresses the body issue and makes Ruby take Ruby 1.5 back (NOOOO!!). Then we see Jane Doe in hospital and she’s in a coma and they call TOD and she becomes Ruby and Ruby 2.0 starts asking for fries (I hope she didn’t get any)

I was a huge fan of Ruby 2.0 if you can’t tell.

she gives him the ‘imagooddemonbecauseirememberwhatit’sliketobehumanandsoiknowwhatit’slikelosesomeone’ mumbo jumbo. Funny how she fails to mention that she wishes that she was like other demons…?? I mean isn’t that what she said to Dean when she spun him the same line?

On Dean and Anna:

I don’t want to see Dean and Anna being all lovey-dovey throughout the entire episode. But I’m not surprised that it’s Dean she’s gets with…but chemistry wise…I hope they make it believable because in the ep when they smiled at each other meaningfully I was all ‘why are they looking at each other like that…’ and it was more creepy than cute.

Lol! Now I remember that this was back when we all knew what would happen in the next episode because of the spoiler culture. Someone would more or less upload the script outline for each episode way in advance. 

After a long jumbled block of text that makes little sense, I go on to assess each character. 

He was AWESOME!!!

Mark Rolston was audible at least! The other Alistair sounded like he had marbles in his mouth. 

I am in love with Castiel 🙂 In the sneak peek when Sam is like ‘Cas, please’ or whatever and just walks over puts the two fingers on Sam’s head and knocks him…that was hot…

Whaaaaaaat. In love. With Castiel! Wait, you know what, this was season 4, so I won’t judge myself. I also have no idea what I’m describing here. I’m sure that it was tepid at best. 

He called Ruby a stain!! *hugs Uriel* and in the next one he attacks her!! I love him 😀 (Not as much as Castiel)

Loooooooool. *hugs Uriel*

Wow…what an entrance…10 secs of the ep and they still manage to steal it…especially Castiel….

Still not judging myself. Much.

What a bitch.

Truly my favourite character. 

I wanna know what she did! But I feel sorry for her…good actress as well. ‘smoke ’em if you got ’em – I liked that

…Well, I’ll take my word for it. I barely remember what this woman looks like!

It was great how he didn’t judge Sam and he just listened….that was so touching

Oh gosh, I still liked Dean at this point! This is the ultimate throwback. 

His girlfriend gave him the evils cause he lost the knife…shame on you Sam. Ermmmm his mojo doesn’t work…uhoh…and KILL AN ANGEL SAM????? Oh boy…
Jared was amazing though

I was a really bad recapper back then because again, I have no idea what the hell I’m describing here. I’m sure that Jared truly was amazing, though. 

Ruby 3.0

Ruby 1.5 – Better than 2.0

More evidence that 2.0 is my ultimate fave. 

Overall it was a good episode weakened by GC as Ruby, granted she was a lot better but still bad and she ruined Jared’s scenes.

Lmao. She was a lot better but still bad…. Hahahahha. Oh dear. What a backhanded compliment. 

8/10 from me..

Well, damn, 8? I haven’t liked anything that much since…Since…Since…Since…

… Yeah, never. 

I’m kidding, I’m kidding…

I vaguely remember this episode being the start of what killed the show. The neverending Angels vs Something battle. In that season it was demons, but 4.09 and the episode after were both terrible. 

Anyway, I’ve blocked it out from memory thankfully. 

I never did pick #1 for worst Supernatural episode…

I’m torn between:

  • family remains (4.11)
  • the whole of season 7
  • the unforgiven (6.13)
  • I’mma pick one soon and complete the list. I’ll probably cheat and have more than one in the post.

    retrosnark: it’s a terrible life [gif post]

    Three things that I can say about this episode

    • SAM’S YAWN. LOL FOREVER. So long. And oh so obviously fake.
    • Sam’s ass looks fucking fantastic. (and so does his hair)
    • It’s awesome.


    click on each square to see the gifs in some snazzy little slideshow or something.

    So I watched like, the first 16 episodes of season 4 a few weeks ago.

    things that I learnt.

    • the show really has gone to shit.
    • my ability to waste hours re watching this show no longer exists
    • 8 of the 16 that I watched was in ONE day so, just read that second bullet point again
    • I really fucking dislike the angels and ruby 2.0 (I just skipped her scenes).
    • Sam’s hair looked a lot better.
    • Dean…got very irritating this season. IT HAS TO BE SAID OKAY.
    • Cas…pfft. All of this eye-fucking with Dean is just EXTRA irritating.

    So…I basically learnt nothing new. I know, Sam. I know. What’s a girl to do?!