Cobra Kai: Season 3, Episode 2-10

Cobra Kai: Season 3

I watched this at the start of the year, but never posted this. Figure this is a good a time as anything!

TL;DR – This show can be frustrating at times, but it’s always entertaining!

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Cobra Kai: Season 3, Episode 1 “Aftermath”

Last season: Kreese came back and inexplicably took over Johnny’s dojo and nobody found it weird. Both, Johnny and Daniel used a bunch of kids to hash out their personal differences. There was some high school drama that led to an all out brawl leaving Johnny’s protégé, Miguel, in a coma. Daniel’s daughter was left with injuries the pointy end of the love triangle she was in with Robbie, who is Johnny’s son/the reason why Miguel is in a coma.


I didn’t care for this episode. Something was off. It held my interest, but it seemed like a rehash of what we’ve seen before. Johnny drinking and getting into fights. Daniel feeling maudlin about how everything has gone wrong. John Kreese rubbing his hands in all his villain glory and basically spelling out the season for us.

There was a glimmer of hope at the end when Daniel and Johnny are hopefully about to team up to find Robbie, but I found it annoying they had Johnny go out of his way to sneak into see Miguel meanwhile Daniel is trying to find his son. Has the character regressed that badly?

Miguel is still in the episode via a mixture of dream and flashback sequences where he’s doing karate and it got extremely cheesy after the first two times. By the time he woke up I could only release a suffering sigh.

Rating: 2/5.

POST: A ramble about…2.22 & 3.01.

So, I watched All Hell Breaks Loose part 2 yesterday and it was still as perfect as it was 500 years ago when it aired including :

  • The scenes with JDM looked horribly fake. Like Sam and Dean’s heads WERE huge in the shots where they were “looking” at him. And wrestling with black smoke. LOL.
  • The clichéd bad-guy monologue.


The Magnificent Seven on the other hand….well it sucks. I’m pretty sure I watched this episode like 23 times when it aired because I joined fandom for real in the previous hiatus. But boy does it suck. Mostly the actual plot. Those 7 Deadly Sins are just…meh. Ruby 1.0 glaring at walls and stalking Sam down the street randomly seems random and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the end scene is actually the best scene . Dean’s by far the best written character in the episode.

Oh right. This was the last season where Dean was actually a decent character. It’s still miles better that season six. And season 7.

I watched Sin City (well, my  own version). How is that the episode is literally made up of Dean talking to that demon for like 30 minutes. Seriously, bro. I couldn’t sleep and boy did this episode work a treat.  The only decent scene is the one where Sam breaks into that weird bar owners office. WHY WON’T THEY GIVE JARED MORE COMEDY. (That wedding episode does NOT count) and like, (I’m going to say it again) the end scenes.


I’m working on a list that I will never finish & I’ll be back next week after the episode. Bonjour! Wait. That means hello. Uh. Fuck. French fail.

Uh, bye.