24 (Season 1)

I have seen the first season of 24 before, but I don’t remember anything except a certain death. I think it holds up well enough… the only problem is that after a while the format holds the plot progression back. For instance, I had to watch more Misha Collins scenes than I’d like.

There are a lot of repetitive scenes (Senator Palmer and his wife). There’s a lot of Jack Bauer angrily yelling, ‘THIS IS AGENT JACK BAUER!’ down his 2001 era flip phone. There’s a lot of shifty eyes, as the show tries to keep us on our toes about the CTU mole.

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Smallville: Season 1 (Top 5 Episodes)

I couldn’t find anything to watch, so I decided to watch Smallville all over again. Being a huge fan of Lois, I tend to just rotate through seasons 8-10 but I have started from the beginning again and thought I’d make a top 5 for each season.

During that first viewing back in August, I loved season 1! There are a lot of hit and miss episodes, though. In fact, while I was watching them again, I came across two episodes I straight up quit halfway through during that first rewatch/watch.

One is the second episode, ‘Metamorphosis‘ – I saw spiders and bugs and I was like, NOT TODAY and never went back. The next episode was ‘Craving‘ which featured Amy Adams (before she was Lois Lane) as a meteor infected girl who literally ate people.

I’d say there are good moments in all episodes, but there are a few standouts and without further ado, here are my Top 5!

Bonus fact: We never see the students at Smallville High in class during this season despite it being a prominent setting. Apparently, they didn’t want to draw attention to the fact Tom Welling was a 24 year old actor playing 14 year old Clark Kent. Mmmhmm.

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Last Man On Earth (Season 1)

At the recommendation of Trish, I decided to check this show out. It had a slow start, given that there were only two characters in the first few episodes but it grew on me slowly. The best thing about the show is that they manage to pack a lot into twenty minutes. It’s an unconventional sitcom. There’s no laugh track, or obvious cutaways and I like that.

The show is basically set in a time where most of the world has been wiped out by a virus bar Phil Miller, who’s been going around the USA, leaving the words ‘Alive in Tucson’ on billboards, while having an interesting time all alone in his house believing that he’s the ‘Last man on Earth’. By the end of the first episode, he bumps into Carol. The actress playing Carol was on The Hotwives of Orlando playing a spoof of Kim Richards and her voice really, really got on my nerves then and it did on this show too. Somehow, I got used to it and I actually kind of like her character too. Continue reading “Last Man On Earth (Season 1)”

OS: Constantine (1×02) & (1×03)

Constantine catch up complete. Two weeks later! Because marathon-watching The Apprentice UK has sort of taken over my life.

Episode 2: For some reason the writers have decided to swap out the chick from the pilot with another chick that looks just like her. The episode seemed like a filler episode, which would be okay if it was episode six or something?

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retrosnark: Livesnarked – #SPN 1×15 “The Benders”

First of all this chick had some serious time on her hands. 












05:20 SAM IS LAUGHING. *dies*

06:07 How the hell did those Benders manage to snatch Sam? He’s like a truck in his own right

06:46 “Sam…” awww.

07:21 “Two beers and he’s doing karaoke!”

07:48 Ah, remember when they used their real names

Yah, the time thing is annoying. Just go with me on this.

09:03 “Sam is my responsibility and he’s coming back, I’m bringing him back” BADASS!DEAN. I kinda miss you. Bitch-slap Sera for me, k?

Kathleen was pretty badass. A female character who isn’t annoying. ON SUPERNATURAL. RARITY. 


11:03 “Where are we?” Oh, Sam. How the fuck would Alvin Jenkins know?? Bless.”

“This is a pisspoor rescue” – Preach it, Alvin. 

12:09 Alvin’s going hard with the chow. Gross.

12:21 “I’ll be damned….they’re just people”…oh, Sam. I love you. You always state the obvious. 😀 ALSO, YOUR HAIR LOOKS SEXY IN THIS EPISODE. 

13:04 Sam…grunting. 

Oh. Dean. I love season 1 you so much. “I lost some weight, and I got that Michael Jackson skin disease”. 

“Look into my eyes and tell me if I’m lying about this”. Sorry, Dean I look into your eyes and get trapped in a very dirrrty place. 


“Oh thank god a bracket, now we got ’em huh?!” Jenkins. Yous abouta dieee.

*dramatic music as Jenkins surveys the joint and tries to escape* even the sound was better in season 1. 


Jenkins is dead. Ah, well. 

18:36 They have coffee. I want some. 

19:48 DEAN JUST GOT PWNED. “I gotta start carrying paper-clips”. Such a smart boy. And hot too.

Creepy, little girl. Creepy little girl. Cre-oh you get the point. 

Off topic – but I have chocolate. White with strawberry crisp and it’s awesome. You know you’re jealous. 

First “Sonuvabitch” of the episode. *sniff*

22:30 Dean grunting. Yesssss.

23:14 That would never happen in real life. Dean’s miraculously quick escape.Oh? This isn’t real? But that’s not what those fan girls said. They lied? Bitches.

24:29 “Damn, it’s good to see you!” HEARTS IN MY EYES. 

“Dude, they’re just people!” “And they jumped you? Must be getting a little rusty there kiddo!”

On a side note: Jensen Ackles is a pretty good actor

“Demons I get, people are crazy” Dean Winchester is a philosopher in the making, y’all. Or well he was in season 1. Or well the season before he started crying and drink all the time.


Dean’s getting his ass kicked. “I’m gonna kick your ass first – and then yours” – they then bash his head in.

[——-bad guy monologue——–]

31:31 “You’re a sick puppy”. I should listen to them soon. The band, I mean.

32:14 “If I tell you..do you promise not to make me into an ashtray”

32:41: “Eat me….no, no, no wait you actually might”. Oh Dean. He’s not even cried, one, single, perfect tear. Aw!

They burnt dean with a poker 😦

34:07 Dean is crushed ’cause he thinks they’re gonna kill Sammy.

“If you hurt my brother, I swear…I’ll kill you….I will kill you all!” SEASON 1 DEAN GUYS. HE’S AWESOMELY BADASS.

35:38 Sam is in a t-shirt or something. Excuse me. *pervs*

37:10 Sam can actually fight in this episode. Nobody has tried to choke him yet. I’m shocked. His hair, also. It’s just so…precious. 

“Where’s the girl?” “Locked her in the closet…” OH DEAN. *amused*

40:25 “You were worried about me?” awww.

“So you got sidelined by a 13 year old girl” “Shut up” “Just saying, you’re getting a little rusty there kiddo” “Shut up”




Though, it was more me flailing over Sam and Dean and wondering how this….turned into what the show is now. *sigh*