snarkview: 10×08, the return of Super Smart Sam™ (not really)



Hibbing 911

[Insert something witty]
Garbage 911
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sam and dean are basically fictional real housewives

This is basically a RH post disguised as a SPN-related post because this blog is all about Supernatural (unfortunately). I love the Real Housewives franchise. It is the best time killer ever, and fucking hilarious to boot. The shows all have producers and stuff so there are segments where you can blatantly see that they’re scripted. So essentially, they’re drama shows.

The best thing is the arguments or ‘rivalries’ that start out of thin air.

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snarkview: 8×20, the saga of felicia “her highness” day, volume-fucking-three.

supernaturalsnark says: Hi guys! The awesome Trish agreed to write up this episode for me because I’m still allergic to Felicia Day. Of course, because Jared Padalecki is a saint, I wasn’t able to miss out on the episode entirely because he decided to live tweet it. Thanks for that Jared.

Honestly, I’d have preferred a live tweet of an episode with Amelia in it. I want to know all about the chemistry he had with Liane! LOL.

Anyway, over to Trish!

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snarkview: 8×15, the one where the cast were presumably too drunk to object.

Firstly, I went gif crazy again. YOU LOVE IT. I can’t resize them because they go static otherwise. 😦

I can understand why people were horrified by this episode, by the  time  I got around to watch it I mostly didn’t care enough to get angry. But uh, I was when it aired. So there’s that. Plus I was squicked out by some scenes, so I have plenty to rage about.  I did come across one particular fan who apparently knew exactly what was going on in the minds of Jared and Jensen. They were sick while filming this episode!!! So, they couldn’t object to it because they were too feeble and broken down. OH AND THE EPISODE TITLE WAS A PLAY ON JENSEN’S WIFE’S CANCELLED TV SHOW! A show that….mostly passed everyone by. Presumably that person had never, ever heard of the term ‘Friends With Benefits’ before. LULZ!

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snarkview: 8×14, the one where my eyes are rollin’, rollin’, rollin’.

I’m going to attempt to do this as I watch but alas, it’s inevitable that I’ll give up in about two minutes due to boredom.  I did it! Kinda. It was all in short note form so I HAVE TO EDIT IT AND WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF.  Also, I had to change my layout  AGAIN back to the first ever one (hence the header) because the text is being a bitch. Fix your shit, WordPress.

I think it’ll be less snarky. Boo, oh well, here goes.

What the episode was called: Trial and Error

What it should have been called: Rehashville 50.0

Andrew Dabb wrote this one. Andrew Drabb.

The episode starts off with a recap made up of mostly season 2 clips. Ugh. Stop tainting one the two seasons that I still like, please. And then there’s some shit about how this place (Sam and Dean’s new house or whatever) has every spell, potion etc. I haven’t seen that episode yet but REALLY? Another magical building that has all the information that Sam and Dean could possibly want.

B o r i n g.

There’s a montage of Kevin doing shit, like drinking coffee and probably whining to himself repeatedly. Eventually he falls unconscious. Yay!

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