Dark times lie ahead so I’ve gone back. Thanks to the internet, you can play old shows and try and convince yourself that it’s still 2005, back when shit was normal. Well. By normal I mean less crazy because we’ve been on a downward spiral for some time now. The noughties were an interesting time. Reality TV really took off.

There was Newlyweds, wherein Jessica Simpson wondered if she was eating chicken because the tuna can said chicken of the sea on it. And even if you felt sorry for Nick Lachey, he instantly undid that by being a bit of a douche. I recently watched the first season and a some of the second season and it’s awful but amazing at the same time. There was too much stupid in that relationship.

Not to be outdone by her sister, Ashlee Simpson broke through and got her own television show. Her pop career took off and prospered (lol) until her disastrous SNL appearance and a massive influx of boos after her Orange Bowl performance. Neither of which were probably entirely her fault, but the fact that she was a blatant manufactured product meant that people were all too willing to hate her.

I am still confused by the whole fake punk thing she was going for. Black hair, grungy clothes etc. How hardcore. Her music was garbage, and I say this as someone who used to rock to Avril Lavigne. Ashlee Simpson was like a third rate Avril that you’d give money to in order to get her to stop performing.

Anyway, MADtv took her SNL appearance and really ran with it. Some of the skits are hilarious. I almost feel bad for her because they’re brutal.

This is the original video for L.O.V.E (which is sort of catchy and awful at the same time).

And this is the madTV skit:

They also spoofed her show and her SNL performance. I feel bad for laughing but they’re hilarious.

Join me tomorrow for my social commentary on every single episode of That’s So Raven.

(Don’t worry, I’m kidding. I haven’t reached that level of misery just yet.)

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retrosnark: SPN 5×22 (aka the one that I’m only posting because I’m clearing out drafts)

I’m technically still on hiatus with regards to my Supernatural viewing. I am…halfway through season 10 and I hear that they want to go up to 300 episodes so, I have plenty of time to not catch up. Seriously, how long is this madness going to go on for?


Anyway, I had this in my drafts and it is clean up day! I was going to rewatch Swan Song a while ago, but then I realized that I’d rather eat my own hair. I’m not and have never been a huge fan of the episode. I remembered recently that my view on the show took a swift downturn after ‘Swap Meat’, lol. So most of the episodes after that point will never go down as favourites of mine.

I think back when it aired, Swan Song was okay. I have to admit that once I’d seen it for the third time, I wasn’t all that impressed by it. Especially with the ‘coda’ at the end. And in hindsight, I honestly find it hilarious that Jensen was happy to claim that it was his idea before he saw the season 6 scripts. LOL. The regret must have been deep.

Anyway, I think right now the main problem with the episode is that nothing has really changed since then. Their other brother (I can’t remember his name now, whoops!) is presumably still in hell….uh, are they just going to leave him there? Have they ever mentioned him again? Do they seriously not care that he’s down there? Are we supposed to buy the brotherly love when they are literally the combination of the worst older brothers ever? I have no idea if they’ve clarified this or not but they have the temerity to have God on their show – they can bring back the half-brother for a damn second.

Not only that but Swan Song marked the start of what I call the ‘reset finale’ wherein everything the season has been building up to goes to shit because the writers cannot be bothered. And sure, brotherly love saved the day but that only happened by way of brotherly neglect so it doesn’t count.

The sentimental memory lane stuff was nice and all but still just a front to cover up the fact that barely anything happened. Sure, Sam drunk a ton of demon blood and gave into Lucifer. Sure, Dean stupidly decided to go after him. Sure, he got his ass beat for his trouble. And then Castiel fixed his face and almost everything that happened from that point on rendered Swan Song irrelevant.

I like to think that shortly after writing it, Kripke smashed up his laptop and screamed, ‘WOO, I’M FREE!!!’ as he stared at the charred remains of a season that went downhill long before Swan Song.

Still, at least it was somewhat entertaining. The dreck that has been aired past season 8 makes Swan Song look like amazing television.

Was the brother’s name Adam? I am officially Team SAVE ADAM! Or whatever his name is. If Jake Abel isn’t available I’m confident that anyone still watching the show would not question a cardboard cutout being used in his place.

Figured I’d post this before I (thankfully) forget even more about the episode and show. I’m glad that my brain is attempting to maximize its storage capacity by removing unwanted information!

retrosnark: 2×09 (Croatoan); 2×10 (Hunted)


I decided to marathon watch season 2 and then sort of gave up one minute into 2×01. Oops. But anyway, that doesn’t mean that I can’t write up a retrosnark post. I still remember the episodes because I used to watch them everyday. Haha. I led (and still lead) a sad life. 🙂

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So, I watched Changing Channels….


But yeah, I feel like I should commemorate Jared for growing his hair out and letting the make up person do dreadful things to his face. It makes his odd facial expressions very unnoticeable in the later seasons.

samcc2 samcc

Actually, I’d take all of these weird faces over the Cousin Itt hair. In Jensen’s case, his face looks like this in 50% of every episode, so I wasn’t too thrown by his face.

And that was pretty much all I took from this episode. Everytime I found something sort of funny, one of them would pull a face. These guys are natural born contortionists. Cirque du Soleil awaits them. Or some sort of TV show based on Cirque du Soleil. Someone should pitch one to the CW.

In other news, WordPress wants me to turn on location tagging for “readers who love the same spot”. NO ONE ELSE BUT ME LOVES MY BED, WORDPRESS. We have a monogamous relationship, jeez.

Finale snark will be up…eventually. Possibly never.

retrosnark: it’s a terrible life [gif post]

Three things that I can say about this episode

  • SAM’S YAWN. LOL FOREVER. So long. And oh so obviously fake.
  • Sam’s ass looks fucking fantastic. (and so does his hair)
  • It’s awesome.


click on each square to see the gifs in some snazzy little slideshow or something.

retrosnark #2: 5.04 “The End” – I have a magnetic connection with the padahair okay?

Because I haven’t done one since, uh. The first one. As you probably gathered from the title.

I can’t remember if I actually like season 5…. but I think I liked the first five episodes at least. After that episode with the Antichrist boy that was PROMPTLY FORGOTTEN it went a little downhill but it got better from episodes 14 onwards.

So, I converted this episode ages ago and finally sat down to watch it  today. AND, THERE’S LIKE NO PADA-HAIR IN IT. I mean two Jensen Ackles is nice but I have a magnetic connection with the padahair okay?

The Good

  • SAMIFER. I love Jared in that scene. It used to give me the chills, however this time when I watched it I was more like, “AWW LOOK. THE PERFECT SINGLE TEAR!” and it vanishes as Samifer vanishes. Lol hilarious. Unless of course evaporation happens at the speed of light in 2014
  • The End scene. I love reunited!Sam and Dean.
  • 2014!Dean was pretty hot. Even if 2009!Dean think he’s a dick.
  • Return of Croatoan was a nice tough, the scene with “Do You Love Me” blasting out is always effective.
  • The actual episode, lol.

The Bad.

  • 2014!Dean’s Batman voice. I can’t even. I can’t hear half of what he’s saying. I have delicate ears. LOL. Jensen’s voice is naturally deep, the Batman voice makes him sound…well Batman voice + Dean’s voice is really grating.
  • ARE THEY ALL MORONS. WHY. WHY WOULD THE COLT KILL LUCIFER. HE IS AN ANGEL FOR GOD’S SAKE. THE COLT DOESN’T DISCRIMINATE OKAY. And okay so maybe you could say that I’m saying this because I know what happens later on. But I remember thinking that the second Cas brought up the Colt.

The Downright Creepy.

  • Casti-fucking-el. Wash up for the orgy? Ew, how about no. And all of the laughing and being high all the time. It was just weird to watch. Why couldn’t he have pissed off with the other angels.

Conclusion: They’ve really been working hard at fucking up Supernatural ever since season 5 ended haven’t they? It’s x1000000000 better than anything from season 6 and 7.

Hang yo’ head in shame Sera. DO EET.