Don’t buy shoes, don’t buy a handbag – go see a shrink.

I wanted to go for an eye-catching title for this post and this one was the most appropriate!

I know that I said I wouldn’t recap all of the Vancouver Housewives episodes? Apparently I lied! Here they are. Enjoy.

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How did I miss this??

I just found out that Television Without Pity closed down! I’m five months late but damn. I’ll miss their snark but not their 15 page recaps. Some of them just went on. Regarding the forums, I liked to read those sometimes. The Supernatural forum was overrun with Jensen lovers who spent an inordinate amount of time posting about how amazing he was in the episode, and how bad ‘Padalecki’ was in comparison. I don’t necessarily disagree with that but they went on about it constantly…so…I avoided it.

The main thing is that they were all about the snark, so it’s sad to see them go.