snarkview: the real housewives of vancouver | season 1, episode 1

Due to forseen circumstances (the world going to shit, Trump disrupting world peace), I have decided to reintroduce the Real Housewives back into my life.

You know how there are shows so bad that you never forget them? That show for me is Real Housewives of Vancouver. This show is absolutely awful but…so entertaining. I remember accidentally using up all of my mobile data on the train because I was so hooked (in those days, I didn’t play with my internet! And my network provider wouldn’t let me buy anymore for the rest of the month 😢.)

I don’t think I even truly enjoyed it towards the end because it became so bad, but it was TV gold. I devoured each episode like I was getting paid to watch them.

This show is what quashed the Canadians are nice stereotype for me. Enough of that noise. They’re just as awful as the rest of us!

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The joys of reality television

So….I watch waaaaay too much reality TV. Probably more than I do scripted shows but I don’t really care much because I prefer to binge-watch those. I have to admit up until a few years ago, past some singing competitions and The Contender (an old amateur boxing show), I didn’t really bother with Reality TV. It barely got an eye-roll out of me because it wasn’t on my radar at all. I assumed it was just an hour in which something tacky and stupid occurred and as well as a lot of fighting that never went anywhere.

And now that I’ve seen way too many reality TV shows, I can safely say that my assumption was right. However, given that petty drama is expected from some of these shows, you can’t really go into it with high expectations. You just want to be entertained. Which I am. In most cases, it’s usually clips of arguments/fights that get me into a show. Usually these fights are over something so bizarre – e.g. on Real Housewives of Orange County a good half an hour was dedicated to someone breaking a bow from a cake…at a name-changing party.

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OS: Real Housewives of Orange County (Season 9)

I wasn’t going to post this, but…I’d written it already so… why not?

I had to snark about these bitches sometime! I don’t really care much about these shows past laughing at their stupidity but the drama is always over some dumb shit every season. I seriously wonder about the safety of the water supply in these Real Housewives locations. Or the money must be good for them to be acting all crazy over nothing.

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snarkview: 9×23, dean winchester wants you to hear him roar-oh oh oh oh oh oh



Finally!!! I will start off with the recap of the season (based on what I remember, which is not a lot). In the premiere, Sam was in a trial-induced coma, and sadly, Dean brokered a deal that unleashed the horror of Jared Padalecki as Gadreel as Ezekiel on us. Dean acted like a dog for an episode. Kevin died and Dean was sad about it. Sam finds out that he’s been possessed by an angel while Dean remains sad. They get into the annual midseason fight. Kevin’s mom gets her revenge and Ghost!Kevin tries and fails to be the voice of reason re: the annual fight. At some point Dean takes on the Mark of Cain so he can seek revenge on…everyone, or something. Dean starts to lose the plot. There as an abysmal spinoff attempt. Dean continues to lose the plot. And then his batshit-o-meter reaches 100% and he declares that he’s a dictator and loses his damn mind.

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sam and dean are basically fictional real housewives

This is basically a RH post disguised as a SPN-related post because this blog is all about Supernatural (unfortunately). I love the Real Housewives franchise. It is the best time killer ever, and fucking hilarious to boot. The shows all have producers and stuff so there are segments where you can blatantly see that they’re scripted. So essentially, they’re drama shows.

The best thing is the arguments or ‘rivalries’ that start out of thin air.

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