2016 Roundup + my blog turned 5 in December!

Happy New Year, snarklings!!!! Here’s hoping that 2017 is good to all of us.😊
I’d like to thank everyone who has commented over the years, particularly Trish, JoJo and JM. And to my friends who’ve had to deal with me sending them links over the years 😂

So I thought I’d do a roundup post of sorts! And then babble for a bit.


Most popular posts from 2016

1.The one where the Jared set his Pada Warriors on someone who didn’t deserve it

2. The one where I compared Rapunzelecki to Trump

3. Charity stuff

4.Jared’s love affair with McDonalds 

Most popular posts this year that were not posted in 2016

1. Unsurprisingly, it is my Open Letter To Jensen. I’ve posted all of three posts specifically about him so…slim pickings …although, he almost got one for Zeppelin and Arrow. 

2.The original stupid and senseless

3.Misha’s stupid and senseless post

Other shizzle

Last recap:10×10

Snarkvestigation 3

Lifetime snark

My scripts 

Yes! I finally ticked off an item on my bucket list and wrote a script. And then I wrote six more. And sure, they’re not Hollywood standard but it still counts. 

So here they are!

Babble about how my blog helped me 

It was so long that it got its own page here.

It was a quiet year here on the blog but hopefully I will be able to post more next year. My next bad moviethon entry will be Playing It Cool which sounds truly awful. SPN recaps are still on hiatus for now. I’m sure there will be more Lifetime recaps. 

But most of all, there will be snark.


This week’s ramble.

I’m just going to freestyle here and I’m challenging myself not to curse. It’s amazing how those sneak in here. During the recaps it is understandable but I just drop f-bombs like they’re hot these days! So you get a new me. For one post. On a trial basis.

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OS: chicagofireisstupidsnark 2.0 & sleepy hollow [episodes 3-5]

This season on Chicago Fire we’ve had…..


We’ve had a wannabe-gangster’s  (all he did was smash some glass up, pfft) underling go undercover as a love interest to one of the paramedics who part owns a bar (that the wannabe gangster has 1% of), only for her to find out that he works for the wannabe gangster and then after that it turns out that – SURPRISE! – he’s actually an undercover cop!

We’ve also had the Russian cousin of one of the fire-fighters ask Lady Gaga’s boyfriend to marry her so she can stay in the country. Of course.

There was also an episode that spent 15 minutes mentioning the cinnamon test repeatedly. It then turned into a cracker test, because uh, fire-fighters of all people shouldn’t be doing the cinnamon test? I don’t even know.

There’s also been an incident where the widow of a dead-fire-fighter gets done for drink-driving….after drinks to celebrate one year passing after her husband died or something.

In conclusion: this show is so stupid but I can’t help but watch it. It’s just so entertainingly stupid.

SLEEPY HOLLOW (1.03 – 1.05)

There’s been no John Cho. No headless horseman (though he appeared at the end of episode 5 SO HE MUST BE IN EPISODE 6, RIGHT?) Which I so need to watch! I’m not feeling the whole sister storyline because I AM OVER ALL THIS SIBLING NONSENSE. But I quite liked the Roanoke plot in episode 5! I liked the take on the disease and how the “lost colony” stayed lost. It was pretty clever.

Most memorable line: “What is this impenetrable barrier around this instrument?”


This seems safe.




POST: A ramble about…2.22 & 3.01.

So, I watched All Hell Breaks Loose part 2 yesterday and it was still as perfect as it was 500 years ago when it aired including :

  • The scenes with JDM looked horribly fake. Like Sam and Dean’s heads WERE huge in the shots where they were “looking” at him. And wrestling with black smoke. LOL.
  • The clichéd bad-guy monologue.


The Magnificent Seven on the other hand….well it sucks. I’m pretty sure I watched this episode like 23 times when it aired because I joined fandom for real in the previous hiatus. But boy does it suck. Mostly the actual plot. Those 7 Deadly Sins are just…meh. Ruby 1.0 glaring at walls and stalking Sam down the street randomly seems random and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the end scene is actually the best scene . Dean’s by far the best written character in the episode.

Oh right. This was the last season where Dean was actually a decent character. It’s still miles better that season six. And season 7.

I watched Sin City (well, my  own version). How is that the episode is literally made up of Dean talking to that demon for like 30 minutes. Seriously, bro. I couldn’t sleep and boy did this episode work a treat.  The only decent scene is the one where Sam breaks into that weird bar owners office. WHY WON’T THEY GIVE JARED MORE COMEDY. (That wedding episode does NOT count) and like, (I’m going to say it again) the end scenes.


I’m working on a list that I will never finish & I’ll be back next week after the episode. Bonjour! Wait. That means hello. Uh. Fuck. French fail.

Uh, bye.