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OS: Star Crossed

As much as I hate the CW, they have some good popcorn-shows. (I’m still shedding tears for you, Emily Owens.)

This show is about Aliens integrating with humans in the future. Or according to Wikipedia “The series follows a romance between a human girl and an alien male when he and six others of his kind are integrated into a suburban high school.” HIGH SCHOOL! Oh, the alienangst. 

So it’s basically One Tree Hill, but with aliens. I’ve realised now that everything on the CW is basically One Tree Hill with ____. Even Supernatural is basically One Tree Hill with demons and angels. Vampire Diaries = One Tree Hill with vampires. That’s basically all of the CW shows that I know. Oh,there’s Arrow too. One Tree Hill with a psychotic vigilante killer?

Anyway, the show wasn’t all that bad of you ignore all of the forced looks from the ‘human girl’ and ‘alien male’, including one random scene where they apparently both magically ended up with lead in their shoes at the same time and were unable to move. Must be that alien love connection.  It’s classic CW, where everyone is pretty first, with hit and (mostly) miss acting, but at any rate, it is still better than Supernatural. :]