chicago fire: 4×02

Continuing on from episode 1

The paramedics are still checking in on the baby that they saved. One of them has baby eyes. SIGH. I hope that I’m not smelling an adoption storyline.

Dawson’s pregnant ass finally tells everyone that she’s pregnant (but it hasn’t been six weeks yet…I don’t trust this show) and gets a super duper magical, immediate transfer to a desk job in Arson. CONVENIENT. Well, Severide put in a good word for her but considering that he just got his ass demoted, that’s awfully convenieeeeeeeeeent.

Jeremy from TVD utters a line about Mad Max and at that point I had forgotten that he was on the show. They mention his douchebag brother, so I guess he’ll be back. And while I’m not exactly #TeamManscaping, I really need him to get those eyebrows plucked. They are ALIVE.

Casey finally finds dead body’s notebook (her name is Katya and she was a dancer at a strip club called Stilettos and she was shot last season by some shady dude working with the owner of the club who’s also looking for the notebook *deep breath*). Said owner tries to shoot Casey but he’s foiled by Sgt Voight. YAAAAAAAAAY. Please let there be no more flashbacks.

Molly’s (the bar) new neighbour is bitchy for no reason. Herman shows up with pie and a promise to keep the noise down and she’s all like, ‘my son is allergic to sugar’ and then she insults his five kids. Needless to say, Herman decides to have the best karaoke night of his life on that same night. Right after throwing the pie at her door. Welp.

Oh and another character from Chicago Med shows up, because you now, NEW SHOW!! CHICAGO TRILOGY WOOO! I can’t wait for the four part crossover with Chicago PD/Chicago Fire/Chicago Med and SVU. I could do without the SVU part, it’s always some depressing shit. The last SVU crossover episode was just unnecessary.

OS: NBC’s Undateable (plus Chicago Fire/PD thoughts) and more.

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I am in a snarky mood, so…I will try and do a recap this week, maybe an earlier episode because I don’t have time for any Metatron tomfoolery right now. And I heard that they made Garth a werewolf? AND ALSO APPARENTLY DEAN’S A DEMON NOW? I’m probably going to wrap my head in cotton wool before attempting the finale, because Lord knows that I’m going to be bashing it into the wall. Over and over and over (and over) again.

In the meantime here is an informative graph.

A graph showing the acting level of Jared, Jensen and Misha in season’s 1-8 This is what I do in my spare time. It’s sad.

In all fairness to Misha, he’s probably at a 40 in season 4, but somehow I got more personal satisfaction by grading him with zero for everything. I must be a hater. 😛


I came across Undateable by accident. I was searching for something else (I have no idea what) and I saw it and I looked it up and decided to check it out. Mostly because it’s a sitcom and those are twenty minutes long. I used to think that sitcoms were for stupid people who didn’t have the attention span to sit through a 40 minute show, but then I realised that was a stupid person who no longer has the attention span to sit through a 40 minute show (and it’s sad, bro). And I kind of miss having a sitcom that I genuinely love, like I did with Happy Endings. Trophy Wife was good but it wasn’t great and How I Met Your Mother stopped being funny a while ago, and the ending doesn’t sound to promising. Modern Family is still decent but it lacks the spark of its earlier seasons. Anyway, the premise of Undateable sounded kind of terrible. A bunch of misfits who are deemed not to be dateable by society or whatever  because they’re this and that (read: either socially awkward or emotionally stunted).

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OS: Scandal

I’m about to start  watching Scandal’s third season & I wrote this AGES ago, but never posted it, so here it is instead of a SPN recap because I am busy avoiding Supernatural watching The World Cup at the moment.

So I watched the first two seasons of Scandal and just. I don’t get the hype. The first season had one of the most ridiculous finales I’ve ever seen. And then almost every single episode of the second season matched the ridiculousness of that episode.

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OS: Star Crossed

As much as I hate the CW, they have some good popcorn-shows. (I’m still shedding tears for you, Emily Owens.)

This show is about Aliens integrating with humans in the future. Or according to Wikipedia “The series follows a romance between a human girl and an alien male when he and six others of his kind are integrated into a suburban high school.” HIGH SCHOOL! Oh, the alienangst. 

So it’s basically One Tree Hill, but with aliens. I’ve realised now that everything on the CW is basically One Tree Hill with ____. Even Supernatural is basically One Tree Hill with demons and angels. Vampire Diaries = One Tree Hill with vampires. That’s basically all of the CW shows that I know. Oh,there’s Arrow too. One Tree Hill with a psychotic vigilante killer?

Anyway, the show wasn’t all that bad of you ignore all of the forced looks from the ‘human girl’ and ‘alien male’, including one random scene where they apparently both magically ended up with lead in their shoes at the same time and were unable to move. Must be that alien love connection.  It’s classic CW, where everyone is pretty first, with hit and (mostly) miss acting, but at any rate, it is still better than Supernatural. :]