snarkview: 7.01 – because I want to have snarked about an entire season, okay.

Hello fellow snarksters!

7.01 – Meet The New Boss (or the one where Misha Collins has more screen time than he should)

  • This episode picks up exactly where we left off from the season 6 finale. So Sam looks spaced out, Dean looks confused. Bobby looks confused. Castiel looks deranged. This pretty much stays the same throughout the episode.
  • Cas tells them to BOW DOWN because he’s God now. After pulling some hilarious constipated faces all three of them attempt to but he stops them. THEY DON’T REALLY MEAN IT, Cas cries. Yeah, I have no idea what he’s saying.
  • Castiel goes on a killing/healing/more killing rampage. It ends up being fucking hilarious.
  • I’m not sure WTF is going on with Sam, Dean and Bobby.
  • Anyway, in the end Castiel is…full of leviathans now. New big bad. SO EVIL THAT GOD BANISHED THEM TO PURGATORY YET SOME DUMBASS ANGEL HAS JUST SWALLOWED THEM ALL WITH EASE. Uh, whatever bro.
  • He somehow turns into Cas again and apologises to Dean for fucking up Sam in about 30 seconds. He can’t fix it though. HE CAN’T FIX SAM AND….WE HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THIS SAM SHIT ALL THROUGHOUT THE SEASON? Oh boy. Worst Sam girl ever. 

LE SOB.  In hindsight though, this episode is as awful as the rest of the season because of how awful the Leviathans ended up being. Sam’s hair was so pretty though.

We won’t talk about the sideburns.