Mystery Blogger Award

Even though I’ve had this blog for almost six years (whaaa), I still feel like and newb who is useless at blogging, so being nominated for anything is surprising and awesome at the same time, lol! Many thanks to Adashofjhaee for the nomination. Be sure to check out her blog!  Continue reading “Mystery Blogger Award”

These comics sum up my current sleeping pattern (or lack thereof)

I have a long Trump post coming tomorrow so I wanted to at least break up the bullshit with some humor. And my snark machine is not at it’s best because of the no sleep thing, so, yeah.

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Let me tell you about my day.

Or well, let me bitch about my day, because we all know that’s the only reason why I’d be talking about my day. I have an entire blog dedicated to a show that I kind of hate – my life is clearly not that exciting.

My alarm went off at 5.30am. That was already a bad start to the day.

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