Bad Moviethon #28 – Lockout (2012)


Lockout 2012 37%
Emilie Warnock (Maggie Grace), the daughter of the American president, leads a humanitarian mission to MS One, an outer-space prison in which the 500 most dangerous criminals from Earth are kept in a state of artificial sleep. Just as Emilie arrives, the now-awakened prisoners stage a violent rebellion, and she and the MS One crew are taken hostage. Emilie’s only chance for salvation lies with Snow (Guy Pearce), a wrongly convicted agent who has been promised his freedom if he saves her.

I absolutely loved this movie and I don’t usually love anything.

The fact that I came across this movie on a whim is probably why it has a 37% because I would have been all over it if I’d heard about it before.

A vigilante agent who has to defeat everyone and save the day?


That’s not even the best part of the movie. Guy Pearce playing a wisecracking badass is everything I didn’t know I needed.

Even Maggie Grace playing someone’s kidnapped daughter again wasn’t a problem. Instead of being the whimpering damsel in distress, she turned out to be a badass in her own right and I was here for all of it. Continue reading “Bad Moviethon #28 – Lockout (2012)”