GOTHAM: 2×07-08, the show must go on


Uhm. This show is too much to recap. LOL. I will just ramble for a few paragraphs.
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GOTHAM: 2×06, that girl is on fire

…yes, my title is from that Alicia Keys song about the girl with some kind of rash.


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GOTHAM: 2×05, fire and eyes



So for my birthday, I was just like, ‘Hm, let’s pick a movie’ and I chose Horrible Bosses 2. No one told me that Chris Pine was in it….. He was doing that weird yelling-talking thing again!!! And I know that he’s capable of speaking normally. I’ve seen Unstoppable! Anyway, yes. I turned it off after ten minutes.

I assumed that Gotham would be more tolerable and…it was certainly something. Sigh.
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GOTHAM: 2×04, mighty morphin gotham rangers





I’m tired as hell at the moment, so expect typos. Sorry 😦

This week: At King Pingu HQ, a bunch of people are arguing. Pingu breaks it up with a well executed shot. He’s pissed that no one has figured out who orchestrated the Arkham Asylum breakout.

They thought it was him. But Pingu is like, NAH, WE COOL RIGHT NOW! Things are going great! Well. That was until the ginger maniac destroyed everything.


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GOTHAM: 2×02, monologues are contagious


LAST WEEK: Crazy shit happened.

Also, I found out that Jim and Lee are booed up and pregnant IN REAL LIFE.

Congrats to them but….


Fuckin’ Hollywood, man. The ick factor just went up.


THIS WEEK: Theo Galavan is saying some shit in a very slow, deep, evil voice, so I’m assuming it’s some deep, evil shit. I didn’t listen because I’m watching this so that I DON’T fall asleep.

Oh, wait isn’t that the old Mayor? Well damn. Or is he the current Mayor? Yeah, he is. Oops. Gotham needs to have character cards or something. I can’t keep track of this shit.

Anyway, Theo is terrorising the Mayor. Oh and Asylum Assemble are throwing people off the Gotham Gazette building. They’re calling themselves ‘MANIAX’.

Points for lack of originality.
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GOTHAM: 2×01, the adventures of pingu, jimmy and lil bruce

I’m recapping Gotham! This probably won’t last long but I love this crazy show. If you’re someone who has impossibly high standards, Gotham isn’t the show for you. The first half of season 1 was excellent, well-paced, etc. Fox then ordered eight more episodes and….they weren’t as excellent but they were all hilarious. The phrase ‘0 to 100’ comes to mind. The finale was absolutely ridiculous but I loved it.

201g SNAK

Last season: Almost everyone on this show lost their damn mind and either killed their parents, destroyed their offspring in the name of science or just straight up killed a shit ton of people.

Now: Penguin is running the the streets. James Gordon is a traffic cop and all booed up with his girl, Lee. Harvey Bullock is tending bar, because you know, shit happens. Crazy!Barbie AKA Barbara checks into her five star stay at Arkham Asylum, where she locks eyes on Joker-In-Waiting.

What a helpful montage…
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