stupid and senseless: november round up edition

1. Jared Ponzilecki

Need I say more? This big-headed buffoon probably answers to Padajesus. *eye roll*

ETA: The instagram link originally led to a post in which Jared posted some kind of manip of him as Jesus and basically LOL’d all over it and stated the [his] head was too big (the irony) instead of saying his prayers and moving past it swiftly. If anyone has a screencap please let me know! The one time I don’t take screenshots Rapunzelecki goes ahead and deletes the post! Ay dios mio! 

This gif seems fitting both for this point and the rest of the post. Sigh.

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special snarkview! 9×05, dog dean afternoon. and yes. you read that right.

note from supernaturalsnark: because I am so (UNDERSTANDABLY) tardy when it comes to watching the show these days, the awesome JM, has offered to get her snark on, in her own way, and do some episodes (that I probably won’t ever watch). I’m pretty sure episode 10 is the next one I’m watching. Or the finale. OF COURSE, NOW I’VE JINXED IT. Anyway, I actually blogged about this episode before and its wonderful title Dog Dean Afternoon, and I am sad (for everyone who it was inflicted on) to say that it sounds even worse than it originally sounded.

Over to JM!

This episode was sucky. Really sucky.

There were maybe two moments where I chuckled. The rest? My jaw was on the ground at how mind-numbingly bad it was.

I’d read spoilers about this episode many moons ago, about how Dean gets to talk to animals and they’d even given it a rough draft title of “Dr. Deanlittle.” So I guess I knew what we’d be in for. Jensen talked it up and said it would be like Yellow Fever.

Wow, it was bad.

First, the talking animals. If you’ve ever seen the “Look Who’s Talking” movies or Dr. Doolittle, it was that sort of thing. But it was all wrong. Even Jared thought it was all wrong. That’s really saying something.

The German Shepherd they interrogated sounded like a mafia type guy. Think of a Sopranos minor player. Only thing I liked was him begging Dean to change the radio station when they had “I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner on (agree w/the dog big time here…). The Yorkie? Oy. That was teeth-cringing bad. He sounded like some really bad impersonation of Larry the Cable Guy or I don’t even know what. And he was really annoying. I was almost waiting for Sam (whom he bribed to get a belly rub in exchange for info) to flip him off – though he’d probably bite Sam. Actually, that’d probably be a lot more entertaining than the way the scene actually went.

The pigeon thing was kinda amusing, actually. Dean’s always made me snicker when he displays purple rage, LOL.

Dean acting like a dog? The “fetch” thing was eh… somewhat amusing. The “barking” and snarling at the mailman?? Not enough facepalm. And the leering at the female poodle? That was…. Freaky McFreakerton.

The Zeke/Sam thing is being dragged out to the death now. Shouldn’t Sam be a wee bit more suspicious of what’s going on? And shouldn’t he question Dean a lot more? I get it, they’re going to build up to some massive fallout but dragging it out to this extent is making things a bit unrealistic now…

The special effects with the Zeke transformation… no comment. If the Stargate franchise hadn’t all but dissolved by now, I’d say they should sue for copyright infringement LOL.

Sam’s hair is still bad, at least 95% of the time. I won’t keep saying that for each snark I’ll do. I’ll just call it “Ibid.” Whenever you see that, you know what I mean. I’d say it makes me weep, but I think I’ve become exhausted weeping for it by now.

That’s about all I got. Next time! Hilarity ensues as Castiel gets a job at the Kwik-E-Mart! How will he deal with Apu, his tyrannical boss? Will he ever figure out how to work the Super Squishee machine? Can Dean help out? Will babysitter Kevin let Sam and Crowley stay up to watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon? Stay tuned!


Of course, I would rather watch Real Housewives of Atlanta, period. And I do anyway and it is AWESOME because bitches be cray.

Dean wanting to have sex with a dog is par for the course with this show. At any rate, he’d probably sell its soul before the night was up.

the young, restless and the fickle(cki)

So, Ben Affleck was cast as Batman and approximately 3033373930 twitter users made some sort of snarky remark that involved Daredevil, because that movie isn’t 10 years old or anything. Obviously JPad was one of them.

Well, not everyone has a bunch of fans willing to ply them with compliments at all times, Jared. Maybe there’s someone out there who has been waiting with bated breath for Ben Affleck to play another Superhero! It worked for Chris Evans. It almost (but didn’t quite/was never going to) work for Ryan Reynolds.

My favourite part about this tweet were the replies that basically said “Jensen should have been the new Batman!!!”. Talk about Ficklecki! These people can’t even pretend that they wanted Jared to be Batman.

I happen to have the “I’m Batman” scene uploaded on YouTube and predictably, I got a bunch of comments about how Dean would be a better Batman than Affleck. Presumably because

a. Dean Winchester once jokingly inferred that he was in fact, Batman.

b. Dean Winchester is not real and these people live in a fantasy world Batman also is not real.

c. They like to fill my inbox with nonsense. If I had a dollar for every “HE’S NOT BATMAN, HE’S RED HOOD!” comment it’s gotten I would be stinking rich. Like, the quality of season eight ‘stinking’.

I actually think the CW should do a Batman series (because let’s face it, the Flash show they’re planning is going to be shit) and then cast Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester as Batman. He has the voice!! He has the CHIN!!!!! And he has perky nipples. He is basically well equipped to play Batman. Jared won’t be in this show because nobody needs incestuous Batman/Robin inferences in their life. New Kids On The Block can rework their old song and give us a catchy theme tune titled “You Got It (The Right Chin)“.

In other news, Jared and Jensen are starting up some sort of wine business together which just makes me think of this. (I want a reality show of them starting this up. Possible way to ensure that JP gets screen time: ENSURE THAT HE KEEPS EATING ALL OF THE DAMN GRAPES.) This doesn’t seem like a good idea, unless they’re gonna get someone else (LIKE DA WIVES?!) to run it and just stick Jensen’s face on the bottle. Sorry, Jared. I wouldn’t buy wine with a picture of you and your hair in its current state on it. My liver would be terrified. Or maybe they can all be on the bottles, wives included and have something like this on the label? BUT WITH GRAPES.

Anyway maybe this way Jensen can manufacture his very own manly straws.

In other other news, this whole heavenatus shit is harshing my mellow. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be watching season 9 and I am for all intents and purpose mostly out of the fandom, but there’s still a part of me that thinks I’m being stupid for giving up after eight seasons – I confined myself to this nightmare – I should do the time. WHY IS THIS SHOW IS SO MUCH EASIER TO IGNORE WHEN IT’S ON.

I was always considering bulk-watching and FFing through any silly montages and Dean&Cas/Dean/Anyone I Don’t Know/Crowley/Angels/Felicia Day scenes, and I think I may stick to that.

I should make myself suffer through Teen Wolf or something instead. FOR HOURS ON END.

Yes. Okay. This is my end of the month update. Finale snark is still nowhere in sight. So my whole season 9 issue will probably be forgotten when all the news shows start up. I SUCK. I KNOW.

I will try and keep this blog updated, just in case anyone out there needs my commentary in their lives.

Until next time!

clearly jensen ackles needs to be stopped.

If you’re a masochist like me who somehow cannot escape from Supernatural, you’ve probably seen this waste of equipment/time/energy/shittiness:

Not only does it suck, the meme is virtually dead (even though lame people are trying and failing to keep it going) and…they managed to fuck it up anyway. It’s not really supposed to look all polished and ~professional AND HAVE A FUCKING OVERHEAD SHOT THAT MAKES IT HARD FOR ME TO SEE ANYTHING or have that many people that I don’t care to look at it in it.

According to Guy Bee who’s a director/attention seeker/annoying as fuck on twitter/no one that you need to know

It was Jensen’s idea.

Which okay, so this is a guy who’s on Season L8me of Shittynatural, that he has bad judgement is a given. But then I found out that the wig in The Felicia Day 2.0 show was his idea.



I am not impressed.

In other news! That annoying hunter brat Krissy is back on the show in the next episode. You remember her. The girl from Adventures in Babysitting or what the fuck ever. She spent most of it trying to mentally undress/fuck Jensen Ackles with her eyes. I was so amused/disturbed/creeped out that I restricted my snark to one line. I look forward to hating every minute of her return.