this explains a lot.

Please keep asking for more takes, bro. PLEASE. Maybe by the third one he won’t seem so robotic and lifeless. Right now he’s like a cross between Arnie in Terminator and Shia Laboeuf attempting to express emotion in anything he’s done that isn’t Even Stevens. Heck, even Jared’s favourite “deuchebag”‘s (Justin Bieber) scenes on CSI were less robotic. But…Jared can keep blowing his own horn or whatever. And fans can keep blowing his horn for him as well. I (and everyone else with actual non-biased fully functioning eyes) KNOW BETTER.

Anyway, I might snark about this episode if I have time over the weekend.

snarkview: 9×09, you don’t bring kevin tran to an angel fight.

Hi! I finally got around to watching this episode so here we go! I haven’t seen an episode since the premiere but I doubt that it’ll take much for me to catch up with the show’s complex and exquisitely well crafted plot. Yup.

So. There’s a recap of all this shit. Angel’s jumping in vessels, Castiel is human. Blah. Blah. Sam is possessed by an angel with robotic, baby blues. That probably explains why he’s more terminator than Angel.

At the start a bunch of people are facing off against each other. FACE OFF! That movie is awesome. Unlike Supernatural. Anyway. It’s a bunch of bikers vs a middle-aged Glee club. Oh and look, the middle-aged Glee club are the ones who won! Look at them, all covered in blood and looking all homely and shit! HA HA HA HA HA. Angel beef over and done. Next.

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