Bad Moviethon #31- Sleepless


…in which I examine if movies deserve their rotten tomatoes score.

Sleepless 2017 25%
Entrepreneur Stanley kidnaps policeman Vincent’s son after he and his partner, Sean Cass, steal a cocaine shipment from him. Vincent must return the package and rescue his son before time runs out.

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Bad Moviethon #26 – Law Abiding Citizen


Law Abiding Citizen 2009 26%
Clyde Shelton is a desperate man exacting revenge on those who killed his family as well as on those police officials, including DA Nick Rice, who could not guarantee an appropriate sentence.

This has to be one of the most ridiculous films I have ever seen.

Basically, Clyde’s wife and child are killed by two creeps and the DA, Nick, secures a plea deal for one of them and he gets a light sentence, meanwhile the other one is sentence to death.

Years later, Creep 1 is being executed and something goes wrong – turns out the drugs used were switched. Sometime later, Creep 2 is captured and tortured while on the run from the police (Clyde pretends to help him and then kills him). Clyde is apprehended. Clyde also sends a video of what he did to Creep 2 to Nick’s home and his kid ends up seeing it.

In prison, Clyde manages to kidnap someone and while they rush to save them, he stabs his cellmate to death so that they move him to solitary confinement.

The killings continue, the city goes on lockdown and they figure out that he’s targeting City Hall. Nick, meanwhile, wonders how Clyde is always one step ahead. Maybe he’s working with someone on the outside?

No, he’s just leaving his cell at any given time, killing people and then walking back into his cell….

…it was just foolishness with a lot of senseless violence and murder. I guess we’re supposed to root for Nick, but…everyone in this movie kind of sucked.

The plot was also kind of ridiculous – I mean, was a human sidekick too much? He was his own accomplice the whole time? No one was watching him in solitary?