The Girl Who Hates Everything | backtracking 

12. Wait. You hate backtracking or you’re backtracking? 

A little bit of both.

13. Fine. Let’s start with why you hate backtracking. 

I don’t necessarily hate backtracking, I just find it an undesirable quality in certain people. You know, you spend hours trying to say, convince someone to stop using a particular cream that causes a rash. They argue and tell you you’re wrong and then…

Some time later they will inform you that the cream is the worst ever and act like you didn’t even say anything.

It’s basically backhand backtracking.  At least own it! I won’t judge you. Continue reading “The Girl Who Hates Everything | backtracking “

Never forget

Okay, fine. I never forget, but still, I will always find this shit funny. I almost wish I still had the original pictures. However, they came with an unwanted side order of Clif, so actually, this is much better.

Of course, he’s less about saving the planet from water-related hijinks and more about saving us from being assholes by being a walking, talking, social media posting, ‘How Not To Behave’ guide, but still, he’ll always be a hero.

Speaking of Padaqua Man, while I’m leaving that to Hollywood, I actually sat down and wrote a mock CW supernatural drama script based on ‘OMFG, WE’RE SHADOWS!’ in the post that I linked above.

I should probably get out more.

A day in the life of….supernatural snark

I was going to write a completely nonsensical and probably irrelevant step by step of how I recap. Mostly because I need to critique myself and figure out how to make them shorter (and I didn’t want to use this time to actually watch an episode). However,  I couldn’t be bothered. So I spent twice as much time as I would have writing that making a comic strip version of my watch/recap process.


I am currently questioning my life choices.

Anyway, click ‘read the rest of this post/continue/read more/whatever the hell it says’ to see the comic strip 😛 Continue reading “A day in the life of….supernatural snark”

Did anyone ever watch Don’t Trust The B**** In Apartment 23?

New layout, snarklings! I will probably get bored of it in three days.

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