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Yes, nothing is off limits. As you all know, I hate everything except for the Backstreet Boys. Anyway, friends are great. We all need them. To laugh with. Cry with. Do other boring bullshit with. But some of them are just annoying as fuck. Including me. I pity my friends every day. I am THE WORST. Continue reading “FRIENDSHIP SNARK”

December is upon us!

And I haven’t done a recap or watched the show for about a month. Oh well. Apparently the show’s improved blah, blah, blah. People say this every year when the show starts off with five shitty episodes and then reaches such a particularly woeful level of shit that takes it takes another five episodes for them to realise that it didn’t get better, it was just slightly less shit than the REALLY SHITTY episode that preceded the ‘good’ episodes. I’ve got fandom’s number. And my armchair psychology diploma. I see everything.

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I get samsomnia a lot? (or…me stealing from the awesomess that is Cracked once again).

So this morning I read this

and I was like, OMGGGGGGGGGGG THAT’S SUPERNATURAL. And like every other show once I’d reached the comment section, haha. There were like 6 comments about SPN that I weeded out.

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