A brief aside about ‘The Shield’


Am I the only one who constantly has (or had to given that the show is old now!) to suspend belief when the Strike Team (which consists of four cops) manage to take on multiple gangs(and these guys are usually violent, dangerous and armed) successfully…usually without backup? Occasionally there are so hiccups for plot purposes, but really…? They couldn’t make the team six guys or something?

It’s still a good show but…my belief is still suspended.


Has anyone seen Jared’s website?

There’s a link to the website on a couple of his Facebook posts. At first, I didn’t really bother to look at it because I think he was linking from the site to FB anyway. Also I’m not a fan or friend of his page so I don’t really come into contact with it past people showing me things. Someone told me that it was basically him posting random shit and self-promotion, so I went and looked at it and the second hand embarrassment was strong. If he’s paying someone to put this crap up on his behalf I don’t know who I pity the most – him or them. He’s basically created a fan site for HIMSELF, with some random shit like ’13 puppy dog faces’ (it was something like that, lol) thrown in. All he needs is some reposts of someecards pictures and he’ll basically have himself a nice Pinterest profile (no shade, I kind of like Pinterest).
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