OS: Constantine (10×04)


I need to someone to discuss (or well, bitch about) it with because I really want to like it but it’s just…making it hard. That being said I did like this episode. In the way you’d like a shitty album by your favourite artist. So you know it’s crap but you feel compelled to like it anyway.

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OS: Constantine (1×02) & (1×03)

Constantine catch up complete. Two weeks later! Because marathon-watching The Apprentice UK has sort of taken over my life.

Episode 2: For some reason the writers have decided to swap out the chick from the pilot with another chick that looks just like her. The episode seemed like a filler episode, which would be okay if it was episode six or something?

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OS: Constantine (1×01)

I watched the pilot on Amazon because they somehow managed to get me locked into a free trial of Prime, so, I figured what the hell, I might as well watch at least one video. Constantine was up so I said, ‘why not?’ and I almost regret watching it because now I want to see all of the episodes at once!! *grabby hands*  And I’m behind on all of my shows because I haven’t been in the mood (Supernatural doesn’t count because I’m wired to hate the episodes instantly!) to watch any of them, so this is potentially one more that I’ll have to catch up on. Life is soooo hard, lol. 😛

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