So, I watched Changing Channels….


But yeah, I feel like I should commemorate Jared for growing his hair out and letting the make up person do dreadful things to his face. It makes his odd facial expressions very unnoticeable in the later seasons.

samcc2 samcc

Actually, I’d take all of these weird faces over the Cousin Itt hair. In Jensen’s case, his face looks like this in 50% of every episode, so I wasn’t too thrown by his face.

And that was pretty much all I took from this episode. Everytime I found something sort of funny, one of them would pull a face. These guys are natural born contortionists. Cirque du Soleil awaits them. Or some sort of TV show based on Cirque du Soleil. Someone should pitch one to the CW.

In other news, WordPress wants me to turn on location tagging for “readers who love the same spot”. NO ONE ELSE BUT ME LOVES MY BED, WORDPRESS. We have a monogamous relationship, jeez.

Finale snark will be up…eventually. Possibly never.