Empire 2×06: ‘Dollars in the bank’



Okay, for some reason episode 6 opens with Becky and her boy having alone time. Her boy happens to be the HILARIOUS drug dealer from Murder In The First. Good for her, I guess.

Rainbow Abomination are practising when Cookie gets word that Hakeem has been kidnapped. She doesn’t think its real. HONEY, IT’S REAL.

Jamal is singing another depressing song. I still don’t like it. The song also sounds like something I’ve heard before. Oh, well. This scene is too long. Jamal is sad that Michael cheated. Oh. Well. Thankfully Cookie bursts in and shows Lucious the video and they all realise that Hakeem has actually been kidnapped.

…by people with Longhorn tattoos. Hakeem calls them a bunch of cowboys and gets his ass whooped. Lucious is convinced that they will get him back soon because they’re only asking for $40K. They ask for proof of life and get it.

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Taylor Swift sums up everything wrong with modern society

Well, well, well. Taylor Swift has broken up with someone again. Taylor Swift is now also supposedly dating someone again. I would ask who cares but clearly people do. So, why wouldn’t she jump from celebrity boyfriend to boyfriend when she knows that all eyes and ears will be on her?


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