Let’s hear it for…Supernatural’s villains…

So I came across this:

It’s good to be bad — but what if your Big Bads aren’t quite the best? This past season, The CW’s trio of comic book series introduced villains meant to be worthy opponents for their respective superheroes. But Arrow‘s Damien Darhk, The Flash‘s Zoom and Legends of Tomorrow‘s Vandal Savage all failed to stick the…

via Do The CW’s Superhero Shows Have a Big, Bad Villain Problem? — TVLine

This isn’t an attack on the writer or anything, but I clicked on this article because I was curious and the premise was about The CW’s SUPERHERO shows, as in DC Comics etc. So imagine my surprise and disgust* when I got near to the end of the article and saw this:

Supernatural has had its share of Big Bad misses (Leviathans, anyone?), yet 11 seasons in, it is still thriving creatively.

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stupid and senseless: the ‘wooden lead actor from arrow’ edition part #2

For some background see this post.

I don’t do usually do #stupidandsenseless follow-ups, but this dude literally would not shut the fuck up and it was hilariously sad.

Not content with his asshole-ish behaviour, Stephen returned after saying he’d go away for a while. He reminds me of when parents ban their kids from something and kids reactions are, ‘Pfft, I can do without that anyway’ until they realise that no, they can’t. *snort*

He’s a big baby.

Anyway, yes, he returned with more laughable posts. I can’t be bothered to screencap shit but. he’s badass enough not to delete his shit, so…it should be on his Facebook.

Stephen Amell One of my biggest pet peeves is people announcing breaks from social media. It’s ridiculous. If you want to go, just go… then I realized I inadvertently broke my own rule. Along with breaking rule #1 of twitter. So… whatever. Life goes on.

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stupid and senseless: the ‘wooden lead actor from arrow’ edition

So, I’m sure you’ve all heard about Ahmed Mohammed, the 14 year old Texan student, who was arrested when his teacher reported his homemade clock to the police. This teacher initially suspected that it was a bomb.

Immediately WE ALL KNOW why that teacher did what they did. Whether or not people want to admit it. Decent people felt compassion for him. The White House/POTUS got to make themselves look good by extending an invite.

Stephen Amell read the news and took an entirely different perspective on things.

“Arrow” star Stephen Amell landed in hot water on Twitter Wednesday afternoon after he made a comment equating the treatment of 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed to stererotypes lobbed against Texas the state where the incident went down.

Stereotyping Texas isn’t any better than stereotyping Ahmed. Just so we’re clear,” Amell tweeted Wednesday afternoon

First of all: No. No, no, no and no. #Ignorance #MoreMusclesThanSense

Secondly: He’s not even FROM Texas….

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