snarkview: 7.18 – party on, bad writing!

Shorter snark today because this episode is too lame for me to tell you what happened. If you really want to know, go subject yourself to it. DON’T SAY THAT I DIDN’T WARN YOU.

The episode is called Party On, Garth.  And ugh. Just UGH.


Brief points:

1)      Garth (DJ Qualls)

  • Is extremely annoying.
  • Has his own catchphrase for hunting called “Garthed” or something
  • Are we really supposed to believe that he’s a hunter? I mean. Seriously. Because I just can’t. I don’t care if he’s quirky. WHAT WAS THE JUSTIFICATION OF THIS NONSENSE? And breathe.
  • Is not funny
  • Had far too much screen time
  • He’s REALLY not funny
  • Made me want to shoot myself
  • Had a talking sock puppet called “Mr Fizzles” THAT MADE ME WANT TO SHOOT MYSELF REPEATEDLY.
  • Needs to be “Garthed” as soon as possible. I volunteer. I VOLUNTEER!

And, because of these attributes I know that he will probably be back at some point. Maybe they can kill him next time.  They better fucking kill him and make sure that he doesn’t come back afterwards.

2. You had to be drunk to see this week’s monster. Enter some 7 year old girl taking a sip of one of her parent’s drinks and WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH, GURL BE DRUNK AND CAN SEE SAID MONSTER. Show, you’re a moron.

3. Sam used a talking board to see if Bobby was still around? And, uh. With his scrambled brain and all he was able to tell. That makes perfect sense. No, really.

4. BOBBY RETURNS! Everyone was gushing about how it was so awesome that everyone kept this a SECRET! And how it was a big SURPRISE!

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? If you were surprised then you’re an idiot. Supernatural and subtlety  have never been acquaintances. But yeah, spirit!Bobby is still hanging around for some reason.  I didn’t care the first time he left, and I won’t care when he eventually fucks off for real.

To conclude, fuck this show.

I’ll see y’all on April 21st, when maybe I’ll feel up to actually writing a full on snarkfest.  Thank fuck for heavenatus.