I’m so fucking bored that I’m considering watching Supernatural.

Like, an episode that I don’t like.

I think it’s a therapeutic thing.

Kinda like, hey self – you’re bored. But it could be worse. You could be willingly watching this crap instead.

It doesn’t ever work though.

So maybe I should watch something else.


Pointless post is pointless.

[spoiler] I want whatever drugs the supernatural writers are on.

because I can’t not blog about this.

#Supernatural 7.14 synopsis (Feb. 10) “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie”

CLOWNS, UNICORNS AND SHARKS, OH MY! — Sam (Jared Padalecki) is forced to confront a childhood fear when a case takes him and Dean (Jensen Ackles) to Kansas to investigate Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie, a local pizza chain that hosts children’s birthday parties. Sam and Dean discover that the victims’ children had recently been to the restaurant and drawn a picture of their worst fear, which then came to life to kill their parent. While Dean confronts the man behind the magic, Sam is left to deal with some very angry clowns. Mike Rohl directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin. 



Secondly, this title “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie” is fucktarded. It wasn’t funny when I first heard it and it still isn’t funny now. So, it won’t be funny during the episode. As the name of a pizza chain. What sane person goes into a pizza chain called Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie? I don’t feel sorry for those parents and thus would rather Sam and Dean investigated something else. So, my give a shit rating of this episode is already ZERO.

Thirdly, “…which then came to life to kill their parent”. Excuse me but this is basically a reworking of Everybody Loves A Clown but with a variation of other bullshit.

So. Fucking. Original.

Lastly, “…written by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin”.

Suspend belief and lower your expections to zero because these two suck majorly when it comes to writing.

FUCK YOU GOOGLE. This rainbow pony gif is so inappropriately appropriate.

snarkdom: this whole comment = lol.

Haven’t you seen the spoilers for 7.24?

Sam and Dean get a phone call from a college student who claims to be Bobby Singer’s long-lost son. As it hits the brothers that their surrogate father was going to baseball games with his secret love child while leaving them to argue about licorice and abuse each other with popcorn, Dean takes to (even more) drink and sheds a single emo tear, while every ordeal Sam has ever suffered turns out to be much worse than anything that ever happened to Dean but he continues to be the bravest little toaster on the planet. Written by Sera Shamble, directed by Eric Crapke.

Stolen from TWoP

retrosnark: Livesnarked – #SPN 1×15 “The Benders”

First of all this chick had some serious time on her hands. 












05:20 SAM IS LAUGHING. *dies*

06:07 How the hell did those Benders manage to snatch Sam? He’s like a truck in his own right

06:46 “Sam…” awww.

07:21 “Two beers and he’s doing karaoke!”

07:48 Ah, remember when they used their real names

Yah, the time thing is annoying. Just go with me on this.

09:03 “Sam is my responsibility and he’s coming back, I’m bringing him back” BADASS!DEAN. I kinda miss you. Bitch-slap Sera for me, k?

Kathleen was pretty badass. A female character who isn’t annoying. ON SUPERNATURAL. RARITY. 


11:03 “Where are we?” Oh, Sam. How the fuck would Alvin Jenkins know?? Bless.”

“This is a pisspoor rescue” – Preach it, Alvin. 

12:09 Alvin’s going hard with the chow. Gross.

12:21 “I’ll be damned….they’re just people”…oh, Sam. I love you. You always state the obvious. 😀 ALSO, YOUR HAIR LOOKS SEXY IN THIS EPISODE. 

13:04 Sam…grunting. 

Oh. Dean. I love season 1 you so much. “I lost some weight, and I got that Michael Jackson skin disease”. 

“Look into my eyes and tell me if I’m lying about this”. Sorry, Dean I look into your eyes and get trapped in a very dirrrty place. 


“Oh thank god a bracket, now we got ’em huh?!” Jenkins. Yous abouta dieee.

*dramatic music as Jenkins surveys the joint and tries to escape* even the sound was better in season 1. 


Jenkins is dead. Ah, well. 

18:36 They have coffee. I want some. 

19:48 DEAN JUST GOT PWNED. “I gotta start carrying paper-clips”. Such a smart boy. And hot too.

Creepy, little girl. Creepy little girl. Cre-oh you get the point. 

Off topic – but I have chocolate. White with strawberry crisp and it’s awesome. You know you’re jealous. 

First “Sonuvabitch” of the episode. *sniff*

22:30 Dean grunting. Yesssss.

23:14 That would never happen in real life. Dean’s miraculously quick escape.Oh? This isn’t real? But that’s not what those fan girls said. They lied? Bitches.

24:29 “Damn, it’s good to see you!” HEARTS IN MY EYES. 

“Dude, they’re just people!” “And they jumped you? Must be getting a little rusty there kiddo!”

On a side note: Jensen Ackles is a pretty good actor

“Demons I get, people are crazy” Dean Winchester is a philosopher in the making, y’all. Or well he was in season 1. Or well the season before he started crying and drink all the time.


Dean’s getting his ass kicked. “I’m gonna kick your ass first – and then yours” – they then bash his head in.

[——-bad guy monologue——–]

31:31 “You’re a sick puppy”. I should listen to them soon. The band, I mean.

32:14 “If I tell you promise not to make me into an ashtray”

32:41: “Eat me….no, no, no wait you actually might”. Oh Dean. He’s not even cried, one, single, perfect tear. Aw!

They burnt dean with a poker 😦

34:07 Dean is crushed ’cause he thinks they’re gonna kill Sammy.

“If you hurt my brother, I swear…I’ll kill you….I will kill you all!” SEASON 1 DEAN GUYS. HE’S AWESOMELY BADASS.

35:38 Sam is in a t-shirt or something. Excuse me. *pervs*

37:10 Sam can actually fight in this episode. Nobody has tried to choke him yet. I’m shocked. His hair, also. It’s just so…precious. 

“Where’s the girl?” “Locked her in the closet…” OH DEAN. *amused*

40:25 “You were worried about me?” awww.

“So you got sidelined by a 13 year old girl” “Shut up” “Just saying, you’re getting a little rusty there kiddo” “Shut up”




Though, it was more me flailing over Sam and Dean and wondering how this….turned into what the show is now. *sigh*

"That was funny"
(click on the fucking picture to see it, idk how to make it show up. spnsnark 0 wordpress 1)

All one can do during these hard times, is to treasure the moments when the supernatural writers were capable of producing humourous content. And not that SO BAD THAT YOU EITHER HAVE TO LAUGH OR CRY KINDA CONTENT EITHER.