Throwback Thursday – The Mask Of R Zorro 

Way back in the 2000s, we were graced with a song called ‘Hotel‘ by Cassidy ft R.Kelly. The song was a bop, but the video. The video had a giant pink elephant in it that none of us could ignore. R Kelly in full on pink durag/Zorro mask get up, dancing around like people wouldn’t be wondering what the hell was going on with his outfit. 

I’m guessing that R.Kelly showed up like that on the set of the video and everyone just went with it? 

I refuse to believe otherwise. 


A Mississippi man has filed a lawsuit against R. Kelly for allegedly popping on a little 12 Play and doing a little bumping and grinding with his wife

The entire article is so much funnier than it ought to be. R.Kelly is always in some mess. He seriously needs Jesus. 

That reminds me of the Gospel Bump’n’Grind remix. If I ever heard this in church, the would have to remove me with a stretcher. The audaciousness of this never fails to amuse me. The fact that he prays halfway through is the best/worst part. Clearly he didn’t see ‘nothing wrong’ with what he was doing….Lol. 


And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again.


I wasn’t the biggest Slipknot fan back during my metal/rock days (NGL, the masks were creepy, although Duality was my sooOoooong once upon a time. I really wanted to be metalhead so badly until common sense prevailed, lol), but this is one of my favourite songs of all time. 

music festivals

Haven’t done one of these for a while but it’s festival season and I’m here to rain on someone’s parade (jk but not really).

I’m not a music festival kind of person. Personally, I prefer an arena with indoor facilities and seating. Why pay so much to stand on a field for twelve hours? ‘Cause I’m not sitting on any grass. Or fake grass. Bugs don’t discriminate. No, no, no. I see no joy in standing in a huge crowd of people and getting whacked over the head while staring at blurry figures on a stage that I can barely see. I did enjoy myself at the one I went to, but I enjoyed the indoor concert I was at a few months prior more.

Anyway, from my experience, it was just okay. Nothing special.  (more…)

Throwback Thurfraturday

Well. Thursday is over (or almost over) but whatever. Today was just a Savage Garden kinda day! 

ETA: So, Thursday and Friday kind of passed me by, but still, lol! You could say that I’m Truly, Madly, Deeply Forgetful.

I hope that everyone has a good weekend! I can’t believe that we’re in April already. Damn

The New Edition Story (BET)

I finally got around to watching this and I honestly have nothing bad to say about it. The acting was good, the music was good, the clothes, the authenticity of each time period was well executed, the Let’s Get Married (Remix) by Jagged Edge usage was on point (that song is my jam, I just heard it again for the first time in ages so I was super happy to hear it on the miniseries)! (more…)


Or rather, Fake Ass Bitches. This song is my new fave. I love JoJo. I still have her first album on CD somewhere. I’m glad to see that she’s back making music (not that she ever stopped but she couldn’t release anything officially due to a dispute with her record label).

Anyway, here’s the song! Feel free to send it to any fake ass bitches that you happen to know. 😂 (more…)

The Girl Who Hates Everything | backtracking 

12. Wait. You hate backtracking or you’re backtracking? 

A little bit of both.

13. Fine. Let’s start with why you hate backtracking. 

I don’t necessarily hate backtracking, I just find it an undesirable quality in certain people. You know, you spend hours trying to say, convince someone to stop using a particular cream that causes a rash. They argue and tell you you’re wrong and then…

Some time later they will inform you that the cream is the worst ever and act like you didn’t even say anything.

It’s basically backhand backtracking.  At least own it! I won’t judge you. (more…)

This is my current inspirational jam

Do it like nobody’s around, people! Unless you’re someone who needs a babysitter. Or someone who thinks being an asshole is a good thing. Or Donald Trump. 

Same difference?


Intervention Request


I have a confession to make.

Not only did I watch the Big Time Rush show in its entirety (including ten ill-advised minutes of bloopers before I realised that it wasn’t a weird episode where they weaved through the fourth wall haphazardly), but I actually like some of their songs.

I think I might be a Big Time Rush fan.


somebody save me. they look like the want to sell someone four used grand cherokees. 

In fact, I am writing this in the hopes that my brain gets with the program and schedules an intervention for me somehow. The songs aren’t even that great. They all kind of sound the same, although, ‘Time Of Our Life‘ will always be my jam. ALWAYS. And I’m partial to ‘Any Kind Of Guy’, ‘Nothing Even Matters’ and ‘Worldwide’ which I won’t link for fear of ending up in yet another YouTube black hole. Still, I draw the line at having a shower playlist that consists solely of Big Time Rush songs. And also a workout playlist.

I have issues – I know.