An open letter to Jensen Ackles

 – and the rest of the motherfucking idiots on this show that can’t talk properly

Stop growling.

You sound stupid.

Like, really fucking stupid. And I actually kind of like 70% of your acting. But then you open your mouth.

And it drops right down to 20%.

It’s pretty much at 0% now. Twirl on that, Jensen fans.




22 thoughts on “An open letter to Jensen Ackles

    1. I think right after I wrote this I managed to tune it out. Or….it could be the fact that…I’ve seen one episode from the last four. LOL. It’s so damn annoying. The worst part is that his voice got deeper anyway and the growl just makes me feel like he’s always yelling at me. DNW!

      But it’s deliberate and here to ~stay. :/


  1. Could not agree more. Ruins the character more than anything because it says “I’m insecure about my masculinity, and I think this makes me sound cooler and scary. What? It sounds f*n stupid? …oh no, I disagree. My producers like it”. …yada yada douche douche… I’ve actually decided that Jensen Ackles himself must be an idiot to have not objected to this yet.


  2. He keeps signing up for more seasons because even with the limited genre audience this puppy will be in syndication FOREVER on places like SCI-FI / SPACE channel and will be making royalty payments to his brood(ing) offspring.
    …then if Jensen has a daughter and she marries Jarod’s son we’ll have a brood of Padalackles to throw rocks at in perpetuity.
    …and eventually, with enough inbreeding, they’ll just get so god-damned gorgeous – with the muscles, and hair, and nose-jobs, that they’ll all f*kn explode like gremlins and rain money down on us all – thus making US rich in our golden years and repaying us for the 10 year sacrifice we made in the now.


  3. Sorry… I was very chatty that night – and clearly had no life happening as I wrote quite a bit of rant. …I need to step away from the tv/computer I think. (feel free to mod-out as much of it as you like:)

    I think I especially need to step away now because tonights episode made me realize I might have a perceptual issue with time and space. Obviously I don’t see and hear the same things other people are seeing and hearing. – so I’m going to hold my tongue for a bit till I can confirm/refute what’s going on around me is real.

    I will read your reviews though:) get writin’ !



    1. …me realize I might have a perceptual issue with time and space. Obviously I don’t see and hear the same things other people are seeing and hearing. – so I’m going to hold my tongue for a bit till I can confirm/refute what’s going on around me is real.

      That’s been me since season 4 LOL. Ah, the ever present question of ARE WE WATCHING THE SAME DAMN SHOW?!

      I WILL! I can’t believe I’m so behind. Well, I can LOL. But I think it’d me healthier if I watched week by week. Bulk watching just leads to me punching walls and dreaming about burning pictures of Sam and Dean. Haha.


  4. It’s not Jensen doing that though, it’s supposed to be Dean doing it, and how his character’s developed and changed over time as more and more crap has happened to him and he [Dean] is becoming more and more insecure and he’s still trying to seem stronger for the supposed protection and/or reassurance of Sam, his younger brother
    It’s the frickin character, not him


  5. Oh wow. Okay, let me tell you a story. Waaay back in the beginning, when they first started filming, Jensen did the “batman voice”. Because of continuity, they told him to keep doing it. It’s part of Dean’s character. He’s even said at cons how it’s progressively gotten lower (and how he doesn’t necessarily enjoy it) – (this video explains why he chose to do the voice in the first place). Even Misha has trouble doing the voice of Cas (I don’t see you complaining about Misha’s “batman voice”) – . Jensen and Jared have also talked about the whole continuity aspect of things, how it sucks when they start out doing something and then the producers want them to keep doing it – (“I’m not an idiot, I’m not doing crunches. Cause then I’ll have to do it for the whole year.” – “Steven was like ‘man I wish I hadn’t started this show in such good shape cause now they’re gonna expect me to be in this shape for the rest of the show.'” Next time please don’t be so judgmental when you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.


    1. First of all, this page is mostly a joke. Secondly, I’ve been watching this show since season 1. I know why he does the voice, I know that the producers asked him to keep doing it. It is irritating and stupid. So I don’t really care that he gets paid thousands of dollars to not enjoy growling his lines out. As for Misha, I mention his voice all the time, but he’s not the one who’s in the majority of every single episode is he?

      Thirdly, having an opinion does not = judgemental. Even so, this is my blog, I can be as judgemental as I want, so please don’t tell me what to do. Alt+F4 your way off the page if you don’t like the content. It’s really not that difficult to do.

      And I don’t have time to spend hours obsessing over what Jared, Jensen or anyone involved with this show says at conventions. This is not a Jensen Ackles fansite. So maybe you should go to one of those and fawn all over him there. Either way, he’ll still continue to sound like he’s swallowed gravel.

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  6. Something tells me you’re the kind of person who would write a whole book trashing the way someone walks or some other dumb shit. LOL REALLY?! Are you on drugs?!


    1. Something tells me that you are just salty because he is famous and you are nothing more than an internet troll. You whine about his voice and tell people that if they don’t like the content then leave the site. Well, I’ll turn that around on you. You don’t like Dean’s voice? Don’t watch the show. Ever think of that one? Oh wait, you were too busy being a dick to random people on the internet to think about that.


      1. First of all – Sigh. RELAX! It’s okay. You can like Supernatural and Jensen Ackles without the rest of the world liking them too! It’s called having a mind of your own.

        Secondly, this post is what, six lines long? Your comment (and my subsequent reply to it) is longer than the post. And it [the post] is mostly tongue-in-cheek.

        So, I’m a troll, even though all I’m doing is voicing a complaint that many others have. LOL. Okay. I’m not sure who you think you are but what you won’t – or anyone else – do is bully or antagonise me into making choices based on your feelings. I will watch the show if I want to. My watching or not-watching should have no impact on your life. If it does – that’s your problem. Perhaps you’re too busy attacking people on the internet to think about that.

        I do not care about your opinion. If Jensen Ackles himself has a problem with this six-line post, he’s more than welcome to let me know. Until then, people can either get a sense of humor or not bother me with their bullshit if they’re too sensitive to back-click.

        And if people are rude to me on my blog — not ‘the internet’ but a space where I am free to post whatever I like — they will get it back. Maybe you should keep your opinion to yourself, the way you want me to keep mine to myself. After all, nobody likes a hypocrite.



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