Victorious (Nickelodeon)

I wrote this so long ago that it’s time I set it free. It will also serve as a reminder that when I can’t find anything else to watch, a book will suffice.

Why is Avan Jogia even on this show? HIS CHARACTER DOESN’T DO ANYTHING. Unless being a bad boyfriend counts? And having wonderful hair. I take it back. He served his purpose and he served it well.

This show is…strange. It’s one of the weirdest things I’ve ever watched. I would not show my children this unless I wanted to mentally scar them.

There’s an episode where they’re touching each others feet and I will never get over it. I may need therapy. Secondly, there’s a puppet. The less said about that the better. We have a bipolar character who may or may not be bipolar. Each episode comes with ‘updates’ telling us what we’ve just seen?!

It’s just odd.

…yet extremely watchable?

I watched every single episode and I cannot understand why.

I will say that Season 4, Episode 10 made me cry actual tears of laughter. Probably because every single character is physically harmed in that episode. It’s the only episode I would ever rewatch.

I was crying tears of laughter!

Not many things can make me do that.

The musical aspect of the show is…the worst part. The songs are weak and generic. I would only ever listen to the theme song and even that got draining after a while. I suppose the show was meant to be a vehicle for Victoria Justice, but…not with those songs, sis.

My Best Friend’s Brother is a jam, though, I can’t lie. It’s just that it’s called My Best Friend’s Brother. And wait, I like Song To You as well. And Shut Up And Dance. Fine! Not all of the songs are weak and generic.

Oh, and although, the main character is a singer, most of the show takes place in an acting class. I gave up on trying to understand why.

I was hoping it would be like Big Time Rush, but it was the opposite of that.

By the second season, it was Flanderisation City, population of six. The only normal character on the show is Andre. He’s a talented singer songwriter whose main role was to write songs for Victoria Justice to sing… halfway through, I was like SING IT YOURSELF, ANDRE!

He didn’t listen to me.

There’s a YouTuber, QuintonReviews, who has a combined THIRTEEN HOURS worth of video review on this show, but naaaaah. I started watching it in the hopes that it would send me to sleep and it did. Other than that… I’m good. I don’t know how he found so much to say.

I started Sam and Cat afterwards, but…yeah, it’s already too weird for me.

Goodbye, old Nickelodeon shows.

Hello, even older shows (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, anyone?!).


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