how much tv is too much tv?

I have no answer. I’m just here to ramble about what I’ve been watching.

Echoes (Netflix)

Someone on Twitter told me that it would all make sense in the end, but all this show did was creep me out. I spent the first four episodes confused.

…and then when things finally started making sense, it went full Lifetime. There was a therapist who married his patient and wrote diaries on how his wife switched regularly with her identical twin sister. EXCUSE ME. Not only did he know, he was okay with it? I feel sorry for his patients.

Also, consent issues, much? The show kind of glosses over it. The only person who reacts appropriately to finding out the twins have been switching every year is their older sister – who was pushed Leni (the bad twin), but she thought it was Gina (the good one). When Gina tells her the truth, Older Sister was mad at her anyway.

Anyway, crazy as it is – everyone is going to get their comeuppance, right?


I won’t spoil the end, but…I don’t recommend this show.

Greenleaf (OWN)

This show is different from a lot of what is out there, but it’s always been on my list. I started it years ago but found the subject matter too heavy and wanted to wait until it was over to watch it.

Now that I’m older, I think I was able to immerse myself into the story better. In fairness to the writers, the first three seasons tell a cohesive well-written story.

Unfortunately, by Season 4, the wheels kind of came off and the main character suddenly ends up with a random grown man child that she gave up when she was eighteen years old….

… and it makes her character seem like the biggest hypocrite in the world based on the actions of the previous seasons. It was an odd writing choice.

Anyway, I’ve ragged on Rick Fox in the past but I really liked him on the show for some reason.

I think old age is making me mellow.

Titans (HBO Max)

This show is a hot mess, but what can I say? I’m a sucker for Dick Grayson.

Season 1 was so-so. Season 2 was good until episode 6 and then it devolved into nonsense. Season 3? Borderline painful.

I will be back for season 4. It’s looking like it will be the last season.

Gracepoint (Fox)

…I haven’t watched the show it was based on yet, but…I was reasonably entertained. From what I’ve read, Broadchurch is better.

Designated Survivor (ABC/Netflix)

Season 1 was pretty good. Season 2 was ALL OVER THE PLACE, but it was getting there. Season 3? Season 3 ended up being on Netflix and ho-boy. They were like, ‘how can we cram every single social issue into eight episodes?’. The answer is you can’t, Netflix. It was a hot mess.

First, every episode title was a hashtag. There was a random guy on guy ess-eee-exx scene, which was so clumsily thrown in there that I had to rewind back to see if I missed anything. The characters involved didn’t exchange a single word until the scene in question. Like, a hello would have sufficed – we don’t know these characters!

Anyway, getting past that was fine. Until it turns out that one of the guys has HIV and he didn’t tell the other guy. Somehow, the conclusion was that…being undetectable means that you don’t have to tell your prospective partner? It was very weird, but okay. You learn something new everyday.

Other things: After two seasons of nothing, the President suddenly had a transgender sister in law and that was a hot topic. Did they let it breathe? Nope. Season 3 was big on using footage of real people discussing the issues they brought up. And I did appreciate some of it, but…also it felt kind of… patronising. I felt the like the writers were saying ‘you’re just watching a TV show meanwhile these people have real issues!’. Some separation between fiction and fact was necessary.

On top of that, one of the new characters had a wife who was addicted to prescription painkillers and he was singlehandedly trying to take on the opioid crisis. ON TOP OF THAT, there was a white supremacist who’d created a virus that only targeted non-white people. How was that not the main plot? They literally shunted it off to the side.

I had a headache by the end of the season.

Maybe they should have picked one topic and handled it with the subtlety that all of those issues need.


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