california, here we come

I miss snarking about TV, so, for a limited time only, I have returned!

I’m joking. I never really left.

I just don’t hit ‘publish’. #draftsouttacontrol #arehashtagsstillcool?

The O.C.




I started listening to the podcast with Summer and Julie Cooper but I don’t care enough about the show. I didn’t make it past the first episode. I did like the OC Dudes podcast (probably not what it’s called).

Anyway, SEASON 1 IS EVERYTHING! I wish they’d stopped there because it was not the same afterwards. Everything was just dramatic for no reason. And then they went and ruined Sandy for no good reason.

Season 2 was not the best, but good enough that I don’t remember much.

Season 3 was a mess. We had Johnny, a guy Marissa took under her wing. He was in love with her. She was in love with Ryan. So, Johnny moved onto her sister and then fell off a cliff (there was some background, he was about to become a pro surfer before getting into an accident partially caused by Marissa). Everyone was sad. Marissa ended up with Volchuk (who was bad for the sake of being bad). Volchuk fell in love with her. She was still in love with Ryan. Volchuk ran her off the road.

It was all very tragic and sad. #DearSister

By the time they got to Season 4, none of them cared and…it was weirdly fun?

That first season, though. We’ll never see television like that again.

I don’t really buy Marissa and Ryan’s love story. Unless the point is that they were dysfunctional and not good for each other? I was over them early on.

Summer and Seth were super cute at first, but…Seth is just… horrible all way through the show. They hide it with wisecracks and sarcasm, but goodness me.

Ryan was just there a lot of the time. I did enjoy his camaraderie with Seth, though. Breakfast at the Cohen house was always fun.

All in all, while it’s worth a rewatch, the novelty wears off quickly.

One thought on “california, here we come

  1. I don’t know much about the TV show, but I can confirm that it’s a strange place. Well …. it’s a strange place for an Australian boy, anyway.
    For a few years of my life I stayed there a couple of nights a week. I was chatting to a local policeman and my habit of going for walks in the middle of the night came into the conversation.
    “Well,” he said, “I’ll be sure to tell the boys at the station to keep an eye out for you, and not bother you about it.”
    This seemed an odd thing to say. “Why would they bother me?” I asked.
    “Sir,” he explained, “this is the O.C. People doing unusual stuff like walking stands out a bit. Hell, if we see someone driving a car more than 10 years old we pull them over.”

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